punch-up Poinsetia - a beautiful indoor flower, knownin our country called spurge. The full name is Euphorbla pulcherrima. Habitat: Mexico, South America. The flower has elongated leaves and rosette-shaped petals. The traditional color is red, but you can find blue, yellow and even tricolor inflorescences. Why is poncemism a Christmas flower? This question can be answered in different ways. Firstly, this is the flowering period - from December to February, just for Christmas holidays. Secondly, the flower reminds the eight-pointed star of the Virgin. Thirdly, there are several legends that say that it was precisely the punchet that was donated to the birth of the infant Jesus. Due to various circumstances, not every family can afford the content of a living flower. And it's not the price - it's just acceptable. The plant requires care, and our eternal employment does not leave such an opportunity. In addition, the poinsetia contains poisonous milky juice, which makes it an undesirable guest in a house with children. In addition, it can cause allergies (however, like any other plant). That's why many people try to make this beautiful flower with their own hands, using improvised materials.

The variant is simple - from colored paper

Paper can be used the usual - for children's creativity, but it is better to take for origami, because it is painted on both sides.

  • Cut out blanks

The initial stage in this event is the mostcomplicated. Before you can make a punch with your own hands, you need to cut out the blanks. We make three ovals connected at the base. The tops of petals-ovals are sharpened so that three denticles are produced: one large in the middle and two small ones at the sides;

  • Collect the flower

When the stencil is ready, we transfer it to paper. We make three workpieces. Then carefully mneem paper - do not regret. In the end, you must get a lot of small creases, imitating veins on living petals. Each leaf must be folded in half so that a clear middle line is formed. To do this, put the three blanks perpendicular to each other and fasten them in the middle with a stapler or sew them with a thread;

  • We decorate

To decorate the middle, perfectly suitedrhinestones or small beads, which are pasted with super-glue or sewed. The edges of the flower can be decorated with white paint, silver, bronze, applying them almost dry brush on the petals. You can also walk a bit on the paper with a brush dipped in PVA, and spray a shiny hair spray on top. Such an article looks great on a bottle of champagne or on glasses. Also it can be attached to the edges of a tablecloth or to napkins, having previously decorated the base with green or white lace. how to make a punch with your own hands

Christmas star made of cloth

Quite an original way to do it.ponsettiem own hands. The flower will turn out exquisite, and most importantly - resistant to mechanical effects. The principle of execution is the same - you will need: stencils, scissors, glue, threads, decor. The basis for the flower will not be paper, but a cloth of red color. Starch will also be required.

  • Blanks

First, we make the blanks described in the first version;

  • Preparing the paste

This is the standard "kissel" for starching,only a little bit thicker. Boil a liter of water. Prepare the mixture from a tablespoon of dry starch and a glass of cold water. Pour it into boiling water and mix it thoroughly so that lumps do not form. Allow the mass to cool;

  • Starch blanks

We lower the blanks of the petals into a container withstarch and give a good soak. Carefully squeeze and attach the desired shape. The flower should be crumpled, but still look neat. Spread on a flat surface for drying;

  • Collect the flower

After the fabric has dried, it will become rough,we can say - will stand a stake. If it is crushed, the starch will fall off, and the whole construction will lose the necessary rigidity. Therefore, we collect the flower neatly, trying as little as possible to deform the resulting blanks;

  • We decorate

On a red fabric, potato starch will give a small mealy coating, giving the flower a special charm. In the folds and creases, the fabric will be brighter. We adorn the core with beads, sequins, paillettes. ponsettiiya own advice

The variant is complex - building

An unusual piece of art will come from the buildingor medical plaster. It can be used for decorating gift wrapping, and for decorating the interior in a Christmas style. For gypsum punch, you will need: plaster, water, gouache, double-sided scotch, liquid nails, dense foil.

  • We prepare the form

From the dense foil we cut out the blanks fortrefoil. We make them 1-1.5 centimeters more than the finished product will be. Fold the foil in the shape of a cup. You should get a form that can hold the plaster mixture for a while;

  • We make gypsum

We raise the gypsum powder with water to the statetest for pancakes. In this mixture we add red gouache: this is necessary in order to give the future product the right shade. Remember that after drying the color will turn a little pale;

  • Making workpieces

We spread the gypsum mixture into the prepared formand leave to dry at room temperature. For a life-size product, five hours is enough. If you get it earlier, the mixture that is not dried inside can destroy the whole workpiece. Get the gypsum from the foil easily - just turn it over and take it off like a wrapper from a candy;

  • Collect the flower

In order to connect the petals among themselves, you can use liquid nails, super glue or liquid diluted gypsum;

  • We decorate

It remains only to decorate the resultunder the tree. You can silver it or glue beads. In order for the "stone flower" to hold on any surface, it is enough to glue a two-sided scotch to its base. This will facilitate both the fasteners themselves and the dismantling after the end of the Christmas holidays.

For those who know how to knit

For fans of this type of needlework will not belabor to carry out ponsettiem own hands. All you need is a thread and a hook (knitting needles). Three blanks are made by openwork viscous. For the hook - this can be a folding loop, columns. For spokes - a complex lace scheme. Next, the petals are collected according to the same principle. As you can see, there are enough ways to make poinsety yourself. The main thing is to have skillful hands and a great desire! In everything else, help materials and imagination will help. We advise you to read: