Christmas wreath with own hands It turns out not only the summer is the right timefor weaving wreaths. And we remember this on the eve of Christmas and New Year. If you read these lines, then you decided to make a Christmas wreath yourself. And, therefore, you will certainly get it. So, let's begin…

Coniferous Christmas wreath, or Classics of the genre

For a classic Christmas wreath youYou will need a rigid frame in the form of a ring, a sprig of pine needles, ornaments and then, by means of which you will collect a wreath: soft wire, thread or glue. The frame is the easiest to make of a strong wire. If the wire is thin, then it can be folded into several layers. If there is no wire, then use any suitable material for the frame, such as cardboard or a ring from the embroidery frame. Fold the wire into a ring of the correct diameter and tape it with tape. Cut the twigs for the wreath (pine, spruce, cypress, holly, fir) from 10 to 25 cm in length. You can also use branches from an artificial Christmas tree or green matte tinsel, worn on wires of the desired length. And then in a circle, pull the frame with these twigs. Secure them with copper wire, thread or put on the glue. To make a wreath a lush it is desirable to make two or three layers of coniferous cover. The main thing is that the next layer is woven against the course of the previous circle. The Christmas wreath is almost ready. It remains to decorate it. Use for decoration what you like: Christmas wreath

  • ribbons and bows (red, blue, golden, checkered, striped and any others);
  • small fur-tree toys (angels, balls, asterisks, small houses, bells, etc.);
  • natural or gilded (silvered) cones;
  • live or artificial flowers (roses or punchets);
  • fruit (tangerines, apples, lemons, nuts);
  • berries (mountain ash, viburnum, wild rose);
  • sweets (cookies, sweets, gingerbreads);
  • candles (only for a horizontal wreath).

As you can see, make a classic Christmaswreath with their own hands is very simple. A little imagination and a suitable mood will help you make this (such a homely and cozy) New Year's accessory unique. By the way, for an exclusive wreath you can use other (the most unexpected) materials.

Unusual Christmas wreath, or Dear creativity!

Non-standard and even exclusive Christmasa wreath can be made by own hands, using rods twisted in a ring instead of coniferous branches. And also decorate it at your own discretion. You can do without a vegetable base at all and collect a Christmas wreath only from Christmas balls or candies, or bows, or colorful buttons. You can make a Christmas wreath made of salted dough. You can make a wreath-origami. You can use the art of quilling for this. You can completely connect the wreath. In short, making Christmas wreaths with your own hands is a wonderful occasion to use all your craftsmanship and creative ideas! So hurry up - New Year's on the doorstep. We advise you to read: