chicken with potatoes in the oven What dish is most often served on a festive tableboth in remote places, and in megacities of the Russian Federation? This is a potato with chicken in the oven! Often it is supplemented with vegetables, and if the landlady wants to surprise the guests with a more original and unusual dish, she stuffs the bird with prunes, fruits, spices, rice, buckwheat porridge and other ingredients. Each recipe is a separate culinary story, which has its own individual characteristics and cooking secrets. Understand the basics of cooking, maybe it's difficult, but, as practice shows, you can. The main thing is to define the goal for yourself and clearly follow the plan. The experience of many culinary specialists known all over the world says that professionals are not always born, they often become. After all, even the most unique talent, if not fed and not developed, gradually fades away, negating all the qualities bestowed by nature. At the same time, it often happens that a man, at first sight, seemingly ordinary, incapable of great achievements, nevertheless reaches the highest heights. It's about perseverance, strength of mind and daily activities. Therefore, even if you do not know how to cook, but passionately want to learn it and want to become a real professional, just set a goal and go to it. And we will help you in this. On our site is collected a huge library of various advice, not only the subtleties of baked chicken with potatoes in the oven, but also more original dishes. For example, we will tell you how to properly make the most delicate dessert Tiramisu or how not to spoil a sponge cake, share the secrets of cooking fragrant sauces and dressings. What is only a recipe for a light and, undoubtedly, a festive salad of meat with canned pineapple. And this is not all that we tell our readers, because every day a pile of culinary advice is increasingly replenished with new dishes. So do not waste time - study the instructions and develop with us. Right now we will master the universal dish, which will take center stage at any gala dinner. In addition, it will help to distract from the ordinary and pleasantly diversify the familiar menu of his family. The chicken bakes quickly and does not require additional time for cooking. After all, as the last serves ruddy, crispy potatoes. So, let's start? potatoes with chicken in the oven

Chicken in sour cream sauce with vegetables

This recipe at first glance is very ordinary andnothing noteworthy. You will think, some mistresses will tell, just and affairs to bake in a sleeve a bird with a potato, vegetables and sour cream. Agree, everything is simple, fast and very expected. However, one or two ingredients, with a light movement of the hand added to the dish, can transform it beyond recognition. Try to make the usual sour cream sauce first, and then add it with rosemary. You instantly will feel the difference - the second dish will turn out more fragrant and spicy. Each recipe deserves attention, so act on the command of the heart. Ingredients:

  • table salt - to taste
  • 1.5 kg of homemade chicken
  • five large spoons of fatty sour cream
  • several branches of dried rosemary
  • 1.5 kg of pink potatoes
  • bulbous bulb
  • black pepper - two small whispers
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil
  • fresh fennel - for decoration

Cooking method: Note that this recipe, or rather, the amount of ingredients indicated in it, is calculated for seven to nine medium portions. So, as you can see, one chicken is able to feed several adults, so this dish is an ideal option for a festive dinner with a family or a friendly feast. Take a note on the culinary instruction and call your friends - in a half to two hours the dish will be ready. Supplement the meal with a bottle of dry wine and a snack of vegetables, you can also serve chicken with homemade pickles, for example, with tomatoes or pickled cucumbers. Please note that the time for baking the bird depends, firstly, on its size - the bigger it is, the longer it will be to prepare, and secondly, the power of the particular oven. On average, you will need two to three hours. If you want the dish to turn out to be tender and juicy, we recommend buying poultry. Well, now we'll get directly from the councils to the matter. The recipe begins with the processing of the carcass: if necessary, gut it and rinse it thoroughly. Then dry with paper napkins and salt with salt, pre-mixed with ground pepper. Notice, the carcass is processed not only from the outside, but also from the inside. When you can, in a separate bowl, pour the sour cream, then add into it the sprigs of dried basil and rosemary. Thoroughly rub the mixture and treat it with a bird (proceed exactly as described above). By the way, if you want, you can change the recipe slightly - replace sour cream with delicious mayonnaise or cream. The last option is more useful. Now carefully treat the surface of the baking sheet with vegetable oil, then lay a bird on it. In principle, there are several other ways of baking it, for example, in a sleeve or in a foil. However, when such materials are not at hand, proceed in accordance with the instructions given. Send the food in a preheated oven to 200 degrees, while it is languishing, take care of the rest of the food. This appetizing recipe is coming to an end. Wash and thoroughly dried potatoes peel and cut into blocks of the same size, then chop the half-rings with a vegetable. Combine both ingredients in a deep bowl, pepper and salt them to your own taste, sprinkle with oil. Pour a few milliliters of sour cream and mix well. The resulting mass is laid on a baking tray with chicken and clean the dishes back into the oven. After about 60-90 minutes, the dish will be available. Before serving, transfer it to a beautiful flat plate, divide the carcass into several parts, around distribute the potato-onion mass and sprinkle everything with fresh, finely chopped greens. potatoes with chicken in the oven

Chicken drumstick with potatoes under cream

The following recipe is ideal for beginnerscooks. If you want to make a quick and satisfying dish, the chicken with cream sauce, seasoned with aromatic spices and complemented with a side dish of baked potatoes with garlic, will be an excellent option. Preparation of food will take 30-40 minutes, with no special effort to apply the cook. To cope with the task much faster, we will take not a whole bird, which usually bakes for quite a long time, but several legs. Ingredients:

  • 400-600 g of tibia
  • 0,5 heads of garlic
  • two small bulbs (you can use both normal vegetables and violet, the latter is sweeter, so it gives the dish a piquancy)
  • salt
  • olive oil
  • 250-300 g of potatoes
  • Saffron, ground red pepper or other condiments
  • 100 ml cream
  • 1/3 tablespoon of rosemary

Cooking method: This recipe is as simple as the previous one, although there are some nuances in its implementation. This time we propose to marinate for a short time the shin, then the meat will turn out to be incredibly tender and juicy. So, first of all, carefully rinse the legs under running water, then dry them using a paper or ordinary towel. In a deep bowl, pour the cream, add to them dried rosemary, ground peppers (you can take black or paprika, if desired, use both kinds), and also table salt. Whisk the ingredients to make a homogeneous mixture. Pour it on the chicken and set it aside for fifteen, a maximum of 20 minutes. Now there is time to tackle the remaining products: peel the cut potatoes with medium cubes, and the onion - half rings. Fresh greens - parsley or dill - chop with a knife as small as possible. Garlic, divide into cloves, and each grind with a special press, after add it to the potatoes. The latter is sprinkled with a little oil. It remains to work for small: you can cook a bird in a heat-resistant dish or in the sleeve. In the second case, less trouble: the fat does not spill out, the meat languishes in its own juice and turns out to be very soft and tender. Put a shin in a special bag with onions and potatoes, and pour the creamy sauce here. If necessary, lightly salt the dish, then tie up the sleeve, put it on a baking tray and send it to the oven. The maximum baking temperature of the food is 220 degrees, however, in that case it is likely that you will miss an important moment and not get the bird on time. Therefore, so it does not burn, warm the oven to 190 degrees and cook the dish for about 40 minutes. Bon Appetit! The same recipe is presented in yet another interpretation. You will need a whole carcass: wash and dry it, then grate it on the outside and inside with a mixture of ground paprika, black pepper, and salt and dried saffron grated with a mortar. Pour the bird slightly salted cream, cover and let it brew for half an hour. Then place on a buttered baking sheet, add potatoes and onions here, which will need to be cooked exactly as described in the first case. Put the dishes in the oven and bake at 200 degrees. The cooking procedure for this recipe will take longer - ideally, the hostess should have about 1.5 hours in stock. chicken recipe with potatoes in the oven

Bird in tomato sauce with potatoes

Love spicy food and adore spices? Then this recipe for sure you will like. The procedure for making potatoes with chicken in the oven is incredibly simple, and the food itself is very economical. At the same time, it seems to us absolutely superfluous to talk about its taste qualities - the dish turns out to be insanely gentle, piquant and juicy. In addition, you do not have to bother with the side dish - together with the bird baked and potatoes. This masterpiece of cook art is under the power of every hostess, both experienced and young. As they say, fewer words, more work, so take a recipe in your hands and start conquering culinary peaks. Ingredients:

  • 25 grams of tomato paste (take a sweetish product)
  • fine sea salt - at your discretion
  • one medium chicken (the weight of the bird should not exceed 1.5 kg)
  • 20-25 ml of delicious mayonnaise or sour cream
  • 8-10 g curry
  • 3 g black pepper (we used ground)
  • four cloves of garlic
  • 28 ml of olive oil or other vegetable oil
  • six large potatoes

Cooking method: Just like in the previous two cases, this should first be gutted (if necessary), rinsed and dried carcass. Once you master the task, make the sauce: pour into a deep plate of pasta, sour cream or mayonnaise, depending on what ingredient you decide to use. Here, pour a couple of pinpricks of ground curry, salt, pepper, at the very end, add garlic cloves cut with the help of the press. With zeal, active motions of the corolla or fork, whip the products to make a homogeneous, thick mixture. Abundantly process her chicken first outside, and then from the inside. Remove the bird in the refrigerator and cut off half an hour, after the specified time, remove it. We will not run ahead: while the carcass is soaked with delicious tomato sauce, cut off the peel from the potatoes, and chop the remaining pulp with medium slabs. We recommend sprinkling them with dried seasonings, then the food will be more piquant and fragrant. Now, grease the baking sheet well with butter, put the chicken in the middle, and around it - pieces of potatoes. Remove the dishes in a preheated oven so that the food does not deteriorate, do not heat the oven to more than 200 degrees. After about an hour and a half the bird will turn brown - when this happens, take it out and serve it on the table. We wish you a hearty meal and a great mood!

Fillet with potatoes and champignons

As you understand, the bigger the carcass, the longer it isit is baked. In this case, the temperature of the oven in all cases should ideally not exceed 210 degrees, otherwise the meat will burn or it will come out too dry. To avoid the latter, it is recommended to treat the bird with special sauces. There is no limit to their variety: there are recipes based on tomato paste, cream, sour cream, the easiest and most economical option is to treat the chicken with mayonnaise. Cooking is beautiful and multifaceted, it is possible to get acquainted with its secrets for a long time. To beginners chefs "do not spray", we collected on our site the most interesting instructions. Here is one of them - this time let's prepare a festive chicken with hard cheese, mushrooms and potatoes. In order not to spend a lot of time at the stove, and spend it on more interesting activities, we recommend buying chicken fillets. It will not need to be cut, in this case the main task is to cut the foods and bake them in the oven. Ingredients:

  • 275 g of crumbly (preferably younger) potatoes
  • two or three large fillets (by the way, it can be cut from domestic chickens)
  • 150 g of onion
  • salt, aromatic spices
  • 760 g of fresh champignons or other mushrooms
  • sour cream - 150 ml
  • an average piece of hard cheese (about 140 g is needed)
  • butter (for processing a baking tray it is allowed to use a vegetable product)

Cooking method: Remove excess fillets from the fillets, cut off unwanted fat, then rinse and dry with a towel. Baking utensils - this can be a special heat-resistant dish, a metal baking sheet or another - grease with a piece of butter. Now pre-peeled potatoes cut into thin circles, just cut the mushrooms. Only be sure to remove them from the skin and get rid of the legs. Hard cheese grate on a small grater, and chop the onions. After coping, tackle the fillet - cut it into small cubes. We proceed to assemble the dish: put potatoes on the bottom of the pots, salt and pepper it. From above distribute the chicken, then comes the turn of onions and mushrooms. As you can see, the dish consists of several layers, each of which is better seasoned with spices. At the very end, pour the ingredients with sour cream and sprinkle with cheese. Cover the prepared dish with a lid and put it into the oven. The temperature and cooking time are exactly the same as in previous recipes. By the way, you can experiment a little. For example, try in practice the following way: onion rings first browned in butter, and cook the mushrooms in boiling water for about five minutes. Only then put these products in a bowl for baking. In the same way, you can slightly change other instructions, just act cautiously, because cooking is a delicate matter. Cook with us, and your dishes will always be delicious!