potato casserole in the multivariate If you want to quickly snack and do not stand for longat the stove, make a potato casserole. For the filling use your favorite products, for example: beef, pork, mushrooms, hard cheese. The dish always turns out to be full, ruddy and very beautiful.

Casserole with chicken

Potato casserole in a multivariate is not preparedvery long and does not burn. This recipe is so simple that even a young hostess can master it. We used chicken minced meat, but you can take beef or pork. If you have time, do it yourself: for this, crush raw meat with a meat grinder, adding onions. Then add salt and stir with a spoon. Ingredients:

  • 1/2 kilogram of chicken minced meat
  • two kilograms of potatoes
  • Salt and seasonings - to taste
  • onions - one piece
  • vegetable oil - for frying
  • five eggs
  • butter
  • 25 grams of flour

Cooking method: Potatoes, pre-cleaned, pour water and put on the stove, turning on the hob on average power. When the vegetable is ready, drain the excess liquid, add a little oil and mash. We recommend using a blender to get rid of lumps and get a more fluffy homogeneous mass. Now peel off the onions and cut into small cubes, then season with salt and pepper minced, fry the two ingredients in a skillet with vegetable oil. When the mashed pot will cool down a little, enter into it a mixture of eggs and flour. Thoroughly beat the mass with a blender or mixer and proceed to the final stage of cooking. So, lubricate a piece of butter with a bowl of multivarquet, then lay the products in layers. First comes the potato (but not all, but only half), then the filling, and in the end you should make a "roof" of the remaining puree. Each "floor" of the dish is carefully leveled with a wooden spatula. Put the casserole in the multivark and turn on the "Bake" mode, cook for about an hour. When the signal sounds, do not rush to get the dish - let it be a little nastoyatsya. After taking it out of the dishes, cut it into pieces and spread it over portions plates, sprinkling with sour cream or mayonnaise. As a side dish to a casserole, homemade salted cucumbers, sauerkraut or, for example, pickled mushrooms. delicious potato casserole in a multivariate

Dish of potatoes with cheese

We offer another recipe for those who treat the meat cool. Ingredients:

  • eight medium potatoes
  • Butter - 20 grams
  • eggs - two pieces
  • small package of sour cream
  • hard cheese - 200 grams
  • breadcrumbs
  • 30 grams of cornmeal
  • fresh greens

Cooking method: The first thing you need to do is boil the potatoes, and then crush it in a mash, adding a piece of butter. If the mass is too dense, dilute it a little with the liquid in which the vegetable was cooked, or with slightly warmed milk. Cut the greens with a knife and enter into a mash, carefully stirring everything. Then in a separate bowl, beat the corn flour and eggs, and grate the cheese with thin strips on the grater. The resulting mixture pour into the potatoes and whisk everything with a blender. Now it remains to form a dish: treat the bowl of the multivark oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and lay out the first layer consisting of puree (keep part for further cooking). On top decorate with cheese and cover all the remaining potatoes, leveling it with a spatula. Bake the dish in the "Oven" mode (set the first level) no longer than half an hour. The dish of potatoes, whose recipes you now know, you can eat cold and hot - from this, the taste of the dish does not lose. We advise you to read: