So, find out what car seats are, how to choose the perfect, and go to the store for an important purchase for your little traveler.Photo: Getty Images

Law requirement

Article 229 of the Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation states: “Children under 12 years of age in vehicles equipped with seat belts must be carried out using child restraints appropriate for the child’s weight and height, or other means of fastening the child using the seat belts provided vehicle design, and in the front seat of a car - only with the use of child restraints. " By the way, “violation of the requirements for the transportation of children, established by the Rules of the Road, entails the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of three thousand rubles” (Article 12.23 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation as amended on September 1, 2013).baby car seatPhoto: crawl en We will not tell the different horrors that can happen to a kid just sitting in the back seat of a car in the event of a traffic accident. Let's just say that an unfastened dummy in an accident (at a speed of 50 km / h) hits the windshield so that the fragments penetrate into the head to a depth of 1 cm, and the cervical vertebrae simply break out. Do you still have doubts about the vital necessity? Then we arm ourselves with knowledge and go to the store for a purchase.

Types of car seats

Externally, the car seat resembles an ordinary chair withoutlegs, with special safety belts that fix the child at five points of his body, not allowing him to fall out of the chair even upon impact. All car seats are divided into five main and three minor groups and differ depending on the age, weight and height of the child. Read on: