New York attractions There are several categories of travelers. Some, consumed by the notorious instinct of the islander, are eager to leave in search of new sensations, impressions and knowledge on an island. And there, surrounded on all sides by sea or ocean open spaces, selflessly, with full dedication, they are given a passive-active rest. Take a sun bath, explore the seabed and its inhabitants and enjoy privacy. Others, overcoming difficulties, step into the mountains, wade through the jungle, descend into caves and craters of volcanoes, enjoying exotic natural beauty and testing themselves for strength. And there are those who, for completeness of sensations, are eager to study the life of large megacities, opening them for themselves from different angles. It is this type of travelers that this article is intended for. After all, only they will come to mind to go across the ocean to explore the sights of New York.

Why "Big Apple"?

In New York, no exotic and not "smells." Of course, except for the famous Chinatown and Brighton Beach. But for today this city is one of the largest centers of tourist routes. Yes, it is about the very city in the business center of which the stock market soars to the skies or falls into the abyss of stock quotes of all known firms and enterprises where traffic jams exceed all conceivable limits and in the Central Park which easily fits the state Monaco. New York annually welcomes 50 million tourists. Crazy figure! So what is so attractive about New York? And why is it called the Big Apple? In various sources one can hear or read many explanations. But only one thing is true: one of the jazz bands liked to call the place of his speech "apple", but when he got to Manhattan, he was shocked by the greatness of this city and added the word Big to the usual name. The next day in one of the newspapers where they wrote a review of the performance of the jazz band, the name "Big Apple" flashed. So, with a light hand, or rather a long tongue, New York and got this name.

10 things to do in New York

Despite the comparative youth (well,really, can New York compete with "age" with Rome, Prague or Paris?), there are enough places in it that can safely be called sights. And it is them who consider it their duty to visit any self-respecting tourist. With great difficulty from the long list, we have chosen for you 10 landmark places, where you must definitely visit. So. Attractions in New York Undoubtedly, the visiting card of the city isthe famous Statue of Liberty. It is her snow-white crown and a torch raised in the sky that appear before the mind's eye when you hear the name of the city. And it is from it begins your first tour of New York. A statue is located on the small island of Liberty Island. Its height along with the pedestal is 93 meters. If you do not want to be a participant in a large excursion, you can easily get to the creation of the Frenchman Frederic Auguste Bartholdy by ferry and climb 356 steps to the crown of the statue yourself. Of the 25 crown windows, there is an extensive view of the New York harbor. In the pedestal is a museum, where there is an exhibition of the history of the statue. Another business card of New York was the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the US, its length is 1825 meters. It is this bridge that connects the business part of the city of Manhattan with Brooklyn. To date, the Brooklyn Bridge is listed in the National Historic Sites. And without his visit, the acquaintance with New York will not be complete. The Empire State Building, a 102-story building, is also a kind of iconic place in New York. Until 1972, and to be quite accurate, before the construction of the northern tower of the World Trade Center, this skyscraper was considered to be the highest. But after the tragedy of September 11, when the infamous twin towers collapsed, the Empire State Building again regained the title of the tallest building in the city. (If you are in Manhattan, be sure to visit the monument erected in memory of the dead on September 11). Attractions in New York are not only architectural monuments, but whole areas. One of these areas can be called the famous Chinatown. This area in Manhattan, like an island of the east in the middle of the ocean of Western civilization. The most interesting is that when you visit Chinatown you can easily forget that you are in the center of New York. Because the atmosphere of the east invisibly envelops, harbors and lulls, forcing to behold the vanity of the surrounding world with truly Confucian calmness and wisdom. New York attractions - what to see It is impossible to imagine a trip to New Yorkwithout a walk on Broadway. It is the center of the bohemian, theatrical life of New York. Here all the famous troupes give their performances. And the name of the musicals pleasantly whines somewhere in the shower. After all, each of them - the pearl of theatrical art. "Hair", "Cats", "The Lion King", "Chicago" and, of course, "The Phantom of the Opera." By the way, Broadway theatrical productions are far from the usual for us representation. Here for each performance they select their own hall. Therefore, it is useless to learn the address of the theater, you just need to choose a production, buy a ticket for it, and then you will find out where you can see it. And you have to go to the Broadway musical! Otherwise, you never forgive yourself for not seeing a musical in the place where it was invented. On the cable car, or crossing the 2 bridges, the Roosevelt Bridge and the Queensboro Bridge, you must definitely get to Roosevelt Island. On this patch of land, located in the narrow East River Strait, there are as many as 4 New York attractions. Octagon - octagonal fantasy of architect Alexander Jackson Davis, built in 1839; it is here that the largest complex of solar batteries is located. Lighthouse Blackwell Island Lighthouse, Blackwell House - one of the oldest buildings in New York, whose construction dates back to the eighteenth century. And the chapel "Good Shepherd", the creation of the architect Frederick Withers, built in 1888godu. The Riverside Park stretches along the Hudson River embankment for more than four miles. Inside the park there is a huge number of monuments that give an idea of ​​the history of New York. The famous New York Stock Exchange is a symbol of the business part of the city. Of course, if you do not take into account the famous Wall Street. But if you want to be imbued with the real spirit of big money, then the building of the stock exchange is just the place where you can easily do it. It is under the arches of this building that the largest auctions are held. By the way, with the auction, or rather, with the process of holding them, you can be acquainted with the excursion inside the building. Do not miss it, learn a lot of interesting things. famous sights of new york And, of course, the famous Central Park of New York. It is here, on the Great Meadow of the park, that the Great Philharmonic Orchestra of New York and the Metropolitan Opera conduct their annual performances. It is one of the largest parks in the world, it is more than a hundred years old and its area is 3.2 square kilometers. In order to understand what Central Park is, you need to walk through its many alleys, visit the Belvedere Castle and sit on the bronze figures of the heroes from "Alice in Wonderland." It is unreal to tell about this with words, you must see everything yourself. But if you are going to go around and explore the park area in detail, it can take you a whole day. Here are just a small part of the world-famous testimonies and achievements of modern civilization that are to be seen by the traveler who decided to visit this relatively young but such a bright and attractive city. And if you want to get acquainted with the sights of New York closer, take a look at the yellow cabs or visit the famous Prada boutique, with your feet go through the noisy streets amid the stone jungle skyscrapers and admire the stunning neon lights of the night city - do not hesitate for a minute. Hospitable New York will reveal to you its embraces, share its secrets and take captive with its inexpressible charm. We advise you to read: