traveling with children Hardly you ever met a man,who would not like to travel. After traveling, we seem to be every time in a completely new world. And every moment is important here, nothing should spoil these pleasant moments. The journey begins when you prepare for it. It is very important not to make mistakes at this level. The first thing to think about is the purpose of your trip, visit to this or that country. Determine the choice of the country you will help . After you have decided on the goal,it becomes clear who you want to spend your journey with. Most people try to spend vacations traveling with their family. If you decide to travel with your children, approach it very responsibly. You need to prepare properly: both physically and morally. Be prepared for the fact that your vacation will turn into a constant worry about your favorite child: is it not hot to him, is it not cold? whether he is allergic to a particular product; Whether the water is too cold and the sun is not baking. Of course, these thoughts that are not quiescent can be avoided by carefully considering each step. In advance, check the child for susceptibility to allergies, get a reliable weather forecast for the duration of your stay on vacation, find out the temperature of the water. Do not forget to take all the necessary things (do not rely on local pharmacies and stores!) And establish a relationship with local health care organizations. Also, when going on a trip, it is very important to choose the right type of transport. For long trips, the plane will be ideal. But if the path is not so great, it is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons, choosing between a personal car, a transit bus and a train. Remember that "children are flowers of life", but only your own. Not all people around you will be happy to spend your journey surrounded by your now laughing, now crying, then singing, then squealing "flowers."