apple cider vinegar with honey Apple cider vinegar is universally recognized almosta panacea for all diseases. Whether it actually helps in the treatment of serious diseases is a controversial issue. However, for all kinds of beauty recipes, this miracle product becomes an indispensable ingredient. Use it to heal and strengthen hair, add to face masks and lotions, make foot and hand baths with it and, of course, with. apple cider vinegar struggle with excess weight. With special respect, they refer to apple cider vinegar with honey. By the way, in some recipes it is recommended to add honey to ready-made vinegar, and in other cases it is advised to use apple cider vinegar cooked with honey. In any of these cases, the combination of apple cider vinegar and honey is considered the most effective (compared to "just vinegar"). Let's find out what this product has won such a reputation, and how to cook it at home.

What is apple cider vinegar?

At its core, this product - is nothing likeacid. Only receive such an acid by purely natural methods, from the very fact that there is no natural raw material - apples. And, during the preparation of apple cider vinegar, absolutely no chemical additives are used. Get it in two ways: by natural fermentation and with the addition of yeast. How do apples turn into vinegar? Recipe for its preparation, people borrowed from Nature itself. In vivo, vinegar is obtained as a result of fermentation of overripe apples: fruit sugar with the help of acetic acid bacteria turns into vinegar. While cooking vinegar, people first squeeze out the apples from the apples. The juice begins to ferment, cider (alcohol-containing liquid) is formed from sugars, which in turn is enriched with oxygen and converted to acetic acid. In this case, first, all the remarkable properties of apples remain, and secondly, new useful substances are synthesized: mineral compounds and organic acids. They also give apple cider vinegar healing properties: the ability to break down fats and carbohydrates, stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite. If you add honey to apple cider vinegar, then its effect is not only enhanced, but also supplemented by the medicinal properties of honey. apple cider vinegar and honey

Apple cider vinegar with honey on yeast

Prepare this healing product in the homeconditions is quite possible, although the process itself is quite long. Preparation of natural apple cider vinegar will take you more than one day and even more than one month. But as a result, you will get a wonderful natural product, which you can use for the benefit of your health and beauty. Ingredients:

  • Kilogram of apples;
  • Liter of water;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 10 g of yeast.

Preparation: For the preparation of vinegar, you must take only very ripe or even overripe apples, honey - only natural, and yeast - "live". First, you need to rub apples together with peel and seeds on a grater or twist through a meat grinder. Then water is boiled and cooled to a warm state (preferably spring water or settled water), and then the apple mass is diluted with this water. By the way, for the preparation of apple cider vinegar do not use aluminum and plastic dishes: only glass, enamel or stainless steel. After this, add honey and yeast to the pot with apples, mix everything thoroughly and leave to wander for ten days. Important! The dishes should be with a wide throat: the larger the surface of the apple mixture comes into contact with the air, the more intensive the fermentation process takes place. Therefore, it is also not necessary to cover the lid with a lid. During this time, the mixture must be constantly mixed: at least once a day. After ten days, the mixture must be filtered and added to it a new portion of honey (per liter of liquid, one hundred grams of honey). After the honey is completely dissolved, we pour vinegar into three-liter cans, cover them with gauze and leave to wander for about another month (from four to six weeks). Vinegar is considered ready when fermentation ends: the liquid in the jars becomes light, becomes transparent, and a sediment forms on the bottom. Ready apple cider vinegar must be drained, filtered, packaged in bottles, and the bottles themselves should be sealed with airtight stoppers (you can pour paraffin). Store the vinegar in a dark and cool place.

Apple sour cider vinegar

Preparation of apple cider vinegar for this recipesimilarly to the first method. However, a small (or, conversely, a large) difference still exists. In this recipe, yeast is not used, and apple juice is converted to vinegar by natural fermentation. Ingredients:

  • Apples;
  • Honey;
  • Water.

Preparation: To prepare vinegar for this recipe, apples are also taken very ripe or overripe. We wash them, cut out all the corrupted places and crush them into porridge (in a meat grinder, grater or with a blender). The number of remaining ingredients is determined by the volume of the resulting mass: for five liters of apples - one liter of water and honey. Spread the apples in a large saucepan, add water to them with honey and mix everything thoroughly. Then cover the container with gauze or a thin towel and leave to wander for three weeks. Note, in this recipe, more time is required to ferment apples, since we do not add yeast to apples. During these three weeks, do not forget to periodically mix the apple mass (as in the first case). After three weeks of fermenting apples, we filter the mixture through gauze, folded in several layers, we throw out the dense, and the liquid is again poured into a saucepan and again we add honey to it (in the same ratio). We again cover the pan with gauze and leave our "bug" to reach the condition for another three weeks. The readiness of vinegar is also determined: the brightened liquid, precipitated to the bottom. Now we pour the vinegar on the bottles, cork them and leave them for storage. honey and apple cider vinegar

How useful is apple cider vinegar?

And finally - about what is useful apple cider vinegar, and how it helps to lose weight. The main useful substances contained in apple cider vinegar:

  • Beta-carotene. A powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process. It is an excellent means of preventing cardiac and cancer diseases and increases immunity.
  • Vitamin B1. Responsible for burning fats and supplying the body with energy.
  • Vitamin B2. Promotes a healthy skin condition.
  • Vitamin B6. Participates in the synthesis and cleavage of proteins, normalizes metabolism (metabolism).
  • Vitamin B12. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and takes part in the hematopoiesis (the formation of red blood cells).
  • Vitamin E. neutralizes free radicals, prevents the onset of cancer and impairment of the immune system.
  • Potassium. It is necessary for normal vital activity of cells. Responsible for the body's water balance, normalizes mineral metabolism.
  • Magnesium. It participates in the synthesis of proteins and the formation of bone tissue. Reduces blood pressure, improves the heart and intestines.
  • Pectin. Promotes good digestion, lowers cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels.
  • Sulfur. It plays an active role in the synthesis of connective tissue, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair and vessels. Participates in the metabolism.
  • Phosphorus. An indispensable tool for strengthening teeth and bones. Regulates energy exchange.

If the above properties of the substances contained inapple vinegar, have not yet convinced you of its benefits, then you know that apple cider vinegar really helps to get rid of extra pounds. This is due to the fact that pectin contained in apple cider vinegar (in high concentration) reduces the deposition of fat and "slows down" the emergence of a feeling of hunger. And this, in turn, is explained by the ability of pectin to provide a normal level of sugar. So do not give up this miracle-elixir, invented by Nature itself. And as a natural recipe to adapt in home cooking, we told you. Cook not only what's tasty, but also what's useful. Good luck! We advise you to read: