causes of uterine adenomyosis Decreased immunity can lead tothe emergence of a variety of diseases. And if hormonal imbalance in the body joins it, the appearance of disorders of the genitourinary sphere does not make you wait. One of the unpleasant diseases is adenomyosis of the uterus, characterized by a change in its endometrium, or the mucosa, which is located inside the body. What is adenomyosis? It is a disease in which mucosal cells enter the muscle tissue of the organ and expand, creating nodes and affected areas. There are cases when adenomyosis affects not only the sexual organs of a woman - the ovaries, the uterus, the vagina and the fallopian tubes, but also spreads into the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract. In this case, adenomyosis and its proliferation are benign in nature, but the treatment succumbs extremely hard, staunchly maintaining its structure. If there is a need for an operation, it is difficult to determine the boundaries of those tissues that have affected adenomyosis. hirudotherapy

Well-known facts about adenomyosis

In addition to hormonal and immune disorders,The main predisposing factors of the disease called adenomyosis can be surgical interventions and inflammatory processes. In this case, congenital forms of the disease are quite common. Today, although physicians know what adenomyosis is, they can not unequivocally answer the question of which causes are the impetus for its development, because many factors, including their combinations, can have decisive significance:

  • Violation of the basement membrane or internalpartitions of the body of the uterus with abortions, scraping and cesarean section leads to free passage of the endometrium into the muscle layer, where its active growth begins, and then adenomyosis appears.
  • The endometrium enters the uterus of the female fetus during intrauterine development. When the girl and her uterus grow, the hormonal background changes, the cells grow.
  • Pathological process begins whendiseases of the hormonal system: adrenal glands, pituitary gland, gonads and thyroid gland. The impulse is the change in the balance of estrogen and progesterone, which primarily leads to a violation of the menstrual cycle, and then to the appearance of pathology and a disease such as adenomyosis.
  • With a weak opening of the cervix during menstruationon the endometrial cells there is a lot of pressure, forcing them to penetrate into the muscular tissue of the organ, from where they can later get into the abdominal cavity, due to which adenomyosis develops.
  • Diseases of the liver that reduce the synthesis of hormones, andalso disorders of the thyroid gland, fibroids, allergic and infectious diseases indicate a low immunity of the body and can trigger the development of a disease such as adenomyosis.
  • Lovers of sunrooms and sunburns are at risk for adenomyosis, since excessive amounts of ultraviolet rays lead to the appearance of internal endometriosis.
  • An impetus to the development of adenomyosis can serve as a sedentary lifestyle and stress, leading to stagnant phenomena in the organs of the small pelvis.
  • Regardless of the causes, the signs of adenomyosis are identical. It:

    • long and profuse menstruation, characterized by soreness, the presence of clots and brown smearing excretions;
    • the appearance of excretions with an admixture of blood in the intermenstrual period;
    • pain in sexual intercourse.

    Adenomyosis is characterized by severe pain,having a cutting, piercing character. Such pain is poorly removed with the help of conventional painkillers. With age, in patients diagnosed with adenomyosis, the intensity of pain can be significantly increased. Despite the fact that the signs of the disease are quite bright, more than half of the women who were subsequently diagnosed with adenomyosis, do not feel any symptoms until the pathology is discovered. herbal treatment

    Methods of treatment of the disease

    Those people who do not know what they arerepresents adenomyosis, it is necessary to say that this disease can not be cured completely. The only method that gives a 100% result is a radical operation - removal of the uterus body. In other cases, the diagnosis of adenomyosis is often marked by uncontrolled progress, recurring into regress after the onset of menopause. In the forces of doctors only to achieve a small improvement in the condition of patients, preventing the development of the disease. To date, adenomyosis can be treated in the following ways:

    • surgical intervention (with the removal of the affected nodes and tissues or with the removal of the entire uterus);
    • embolization of the uterine arteries, which leads to an improvement in the blood supply of tissues to which adenomyosis has not yet spread;
    • hormonal therapy, with which artificial menopause is created, and often the growth of the endometrium slows down.

    But meanwhile, it should be noted that adenomyosispoorly treated with hormonal therapy. Given the side effect of this type of drugs (obesity, hair loss, osteoporosis and much more), their use should be considered ineffective. Sometimes traditional methods of traditional medicine come to the rescue, which exert a destructive effect on adenomyosis and restore the body's immunity and the proper functioning of organs. With the development of such a disease as adenomyosis, treatment with folk remedies may include the use of medicinal herbs and hirudotherapy. It is necessary to consider what the first and second methods are based on. Treatment with hirudotherapy With such a complex disease as adenomyosis, treatment with leeches has proved to be quite effective. Some experts consider it to be the most successful of all methods known to date to combat the disease. The essence of the method that adenomyosis is trying to cure is based on the ability of the leech to select a biologically active point and influence it with its saliva. In the saliva of the medicinal leech contains a huge number of active substances, which, getting into the blood of a person, have an anti-inflammatory effect on the organs and treat them. And adenomyosis is no exception. Seeping through the wound in the place of bite, lymph stimulates the lymph nodes, which, in turn, produce lymphocytes, which increase the body's immunity. In the case when adenomyosis is treated with hirudotherapy, many patients have a stabilization of the hormonal background, stagnant phenomena in the pelvic organs are eliminated, venous blood flow is normalized. All these positive results eventually lead to the fact that the condition of women with adenomyosis of the uterus body is significantly improved. Use of medicinal herbs Many medicinal herbs that treat adenomyosis have unique properties, known since ancient times. Most of the plants are part of the popular medical products produced by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Often in these medicines, herbs are used in combination with chemicals, so people who want to cure adenomyosis without the use of chemistry, it is recommended to use herbal infusions prepared independently at home. Such treatment of adenomyosis will not only be effective, but also more budgetary. Try using phytheorecht, consisting of two collections of herbs and taken in certain life cycles. So, one collection, by means of which adenomyosis is treated, is taken when the ovum ripens, and the other - during menstruation. The main of these fees is considered to be the first one, therefore it is necessary to approach it in the most responsible way. After all, adenomyosis is a disease requiring careful attention and strict adherence to recommendations. In order to cure adenomyosis with the help of phytocept for "2 collection", take in equal proportions juniper berries, poplar and birch buds, calamus root, tansy flowers, plantain leaves and celandine grass. Then mix everything, the amount of the mixture, equal to 1 tsp, pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and insist for 60 min. Infusion strain and take on the indicated days of 70 ml 3 times a day after meals. To adenomyosis does not develop in the body, along with infusion of herbs, it is required to take and tincture of the peony, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. It should be drunk 40 drops 2 times a day. For the preparation of the second harvest will require: leaves of sage and eucalyptus, licorice root, clover flowers, cyprus grass, fruits of anise and black currant. All this is mixed in equal proportions, and then prepared and adopted according to the same scheme as the first collection. To cure adenomyosis, it is required to take an herbal collection of at least 3-4 menstrual cycles. In addition to these herbs with the second collection, you should drink the tincture of Eleutherococcus according to the scheme - 30 drops 2 times a day. Curing adenomyosis with folk remedies, it is strictly forbidden to use hormonal drugs. Synthetic drugs will destroy the beneficial effects of natural herbs. In this case, treatment of adenomyosis of folk or non-traditional medicine will not bring positive and long-awaited results. If you have an adenomyosis, treatment can be done with douching. For this, a mixture of the following herbs and plants is prepared:

    • yarrow;
    • nettle;
    • calendula;
    • eucalyptus;
    • celandine;
    • peony;
    • Oak bark;
    • mistletoe;
    • root of badana;
    • bedstraw;
    • cottonweed.

    The mixture is poured with boiling water, infused for15-20 minutes and filtered. Such a drug is very useful for girls who not only plan to cure adenomyosis, but also want to conceive a baby. In addition to the above phytocepts, the following folk remedies that have a negative effect on adenomyosis can be used:

  • Fresh beet juice - take 100 ml daily.
  • Kalina - infusion of 1 tbsp. l. berries and 1 tbsp. boiling water drink 3 times a day for 2 tablespoons. l.
  • Shepherd's bag - 1 tbsp. l. grass is poured 1 st. boiling water, infused for 1 hour and taken 30 minutes before a meal of 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day. This infusion helps to strengthen the muscular layer of the uterus, which prevents adenomyosis.
  • surgical method of treatment Use of blue clay If you findsuch an unpleasant and long-lasting disease, like adenomyosis of the uterus, treatment with folk remedies may include the use of blue clay. It is applied in the form of an application to the abdominal region just below the navel, to the place where adenomyosis develops. In order to prepare the clay, it is necessary to mix it thoroughly with water until the lumps disappear. Then the resulting emulsion for 5 minutes languishing in a water bath. After that, a loaf is rolled from the clay with a thickness of about 2 cm and is placed on the stomach for 2 hours. Top with ceps. When adenomyosis is treated, the procedure will need to be repeated at least 5-6 times. Old clay can not be used. It is thrown away, and the cake is prepared from a new portion of blue clay. Trying to treat adenomyosis using traditional and alternative medicine, it must be remembered that it should be carried out for a long time and with great care. Some representatives of the medical community are mistrustful of such methods, but meanwhile these drugs show good effectiveness when used in the treatment of diseases such as adenomyosis and endometriosis. But it is necessary to remember the main condition of this therapy. Beginning to treat adenomyosis, before using any herbal remedies should consult with your doctor. This is due to the fact that the diagnosis of adenomyosis prohibits the use of funds that increase the level of estrogen in the blood. Many medicinal plants contain phytoestrogens, which, when ingested, have an effect similar to human estrogens, resulting in excessive hormonal activity, and thus supporting adenomyosis.

    Measures to prevent disease

    That the disease does not overtake you in the mostat the wrong time, try to follow simple recommendations that will prevent adenomyosis or reduce the severity of its consequences. First of all do not forget about what symptoms the disease has. Besides:

    • Limit physical activity if you feel tired. A sufficient amount of activity for the organism should not lead to a feeling of fatigue;
    • try to reduce the psychoemotional load and overstrain, which often leads to adenomyosis;
    • refuse to visit tanning beds, avoid prolonged exposure to the open sun;
    • take up yoga, relaxing procedures (which will lead to stress relief);
    • regularly visit a gynecologist, because adenomyosis of symptoms may not have.

    These recommendations will help you exclude from your life not only adenomyosis, but also many other unpleasant diseases. Love yourself, treat life positively, and your health will not leave you.