Perhaps, among you, dear readers, and noThose who had a pretty youthful youth. However, this is unlikely - well, if it's honest. Each of us probably got into such situations, which later regretted. - Have not you even tried champagne yet? Wow! Here, drink! "They put a glass in their hands, several pairs of eyes look at you expectantly and refuse already somehow awkwardly. You'll go through a black sheep, you will not get into a company anymore. There, that and look, will start to poison. And if you bang a glass, they will take for their own.Teen at a partyA photo: A teenager at a partyThis phenomenon is called peer pressure. It is unlikely that any of us managed to avoid it. However, we are able to minimize the possible unpleasant consequences of such pressure on our children. That's what the "X-plan" with a secret cipher is for. You can imagine: your precious teenager goes for a walk with friends. And then the peaceful gatherings go not according to plan: your child is already uncomfortable, but he can not escape from the party - peers will not understand. What to do? The father of three children Bert Fulks came up with an exit and called it the "X-plan." The essence of it is that the child, having got into an uncomfortable situation from which he can not "merge" without being stung by the face, simply sends a message with the letter X to his father, mother or older brothers. If someone peeps - for no reason will understand that this was the signal of the SOS. Five minutes later the addressee calls back and plays a dialogue: - Hello, I'm sorry that I'm distracting, but then the house broke the pipe / my mother fell ill / my favorite hamster was lost / we have a fire. You need me urgently, I'll pick you up in five minutes, get ready. "Okay, I understand ... A frustrated face, deliberately slow charges with curses against the universe, which always distracts at the most inopportune moment - and no one suspects that this just such a cheerful dude himself asked parents to commit sabotage.Teen at a partyA photo: A teenager at a party. Clearly, instead of the letter X there can be anything. Smiley, a certain order of words, a whole phrase - you decide. Plan X has two conditions: the parent and the child trust each other - this is the first. Secondly, the elders do not ask unnecessary questions. Even if it turns out that the child is not at all there and not with those who promised to be. This strategy Bert Fulks has developed after visiting several times in drug treatment centers for adolescents. He asked all patients the same question: did they face a situation that they wanted to avoid, but there was no such opportunity, without substituting for ridicule. Hands raised all to one. Here Bert decided that there is a way to help their own children. As long as it works. "It's a lifeline that a child can use at any time," says Fulks. - The realization that he can at any time count on my support gives my son a sense of security and confidence - while the outside world is trying to subordinate him.