The fact that Ivan - a strict father, his fanslearned from the program "Posner", where the TV host visited as a guest. Vladimir's questions, as usual, concerned not only creativity and work, but also personal life. In particular, the conversation was about raising children and about the role of television in this process. The TV host honestly admitted that both Lera and her younger daughter, Nina, were deliberately shielding her from watching TV. "I do not have a big relationship with the TV. And Nina can be a half an hour a day to watch cartoons. She likes good animated films, which tell of kindness, which necessarily defeats evil. In such stories, a mermaid always escapes, and a girl with long hair finds herself a husband in the end, "Ivan explained, giving an interview.Ivan Urgant and Vladimir PosnerIvan Urgant and Vladimir PosnerPhoto: @ urgantcom By the way, on May 15, the youngest Nina Urgant turned 9 years old. Congratulating her daughter, Ivan posted a picture of her in the net. The girl is amazingly like her father! This was immediately noted by the subscribers of the TV presenter: "Pouring dad!", "One person". And some found similarities with the grandmother - actress Nina Nikolaevna Urgant, after whom Ivan named the daughter. It should be remembered that Ivan Urgant's daughters raise in marriage with Natalia Kiknadze. The wife of Ivan also has two children from the first marriage - the daughter of Eric and the son of Nico. With them, Ivan also maintains excellent relations.Younger daughter Nina turned 9 years oldYounger daughter of Nina turned 9 years oldPhoto: @urgantcom