Features of tarakatum content

This type of catfish features a light character andunusual color. The body is gray or brown in color with black spots. The abdomen is light, but it changes color during the spawning period, taking a blue-violet hue.cockroachTarakatum leads a nocturnal lifestyle, hiding indaytime Photo: Getty Soma can breathe air, so there must be free space between the lid and the water. It is necessary to cover the aquarium, otherwise the fish can jump out of the water and die. There are other rules for keeping the tarakatuma:

  • Unobtrusive fish feel great in the temperature range from 18 to 28 degrees, with acidity of 6-8, and rigidity to 20.
  • The average length of an adult is about 12 cm, so the volume of the aquarium should be at least 100 liters.
  • It is recommended to use coarse soil so that catfish do not dig it - otherwise they will constantly muddy the water.
  • This species feels comfortable in the shade, which will help create snags and broad-leaved plants with dense roots.
  • It is necessary to take care of creating diffused light, installing an aeration system that saturates the liquid with oxygen, and quality filters. Weekly, 20% of the water must be renewed.

Important! This species can cause serious damage to plants, actively digging in the ground. Pisces needs only a few hours to destroy all the vegetation in the aquarium.

Compatibility of tarakatums with other fish species

Somov better to keep small groups of 5-7individuals, in addition, this species perfectly coexists with other inhabitants of the aquarium. They do not fight, but they are able to stand up for themselves even in a fight with larger neighbors. Small males are able to deliver during spawning - they become aggressive, can attack relatives and are actively engaged in the construction of a foamy nest. For this, fish release air bubbles containing mucus and strengthen the structure with stems, leaves and other materials. The height of the ready nest is more than 2 cm. But the neighborhood of the tarakatums with the following species is undesirable, since the latter are too active and can offend the peace-loving catfishes and take their food:

  • botsii;
  • two-color labeo;
  • barbs;
  • zebrafish;
  • large cichlids.

Soma is omnivorous, which simplifies their content in generalaquarium. As a live food tube or joker perfectly suits, you can give dry and frozen food, as well as vegetable top dressing, for example, salad. Representatives of this species are very active, but do not cause inconvenience to neighbors. Soma rarely get sick and differ in a long period of life - it is important only to correctly pick up the soil and provide the fish with a convenient shelter in which they can hide during the day. Read also: