The role of teachers and support of gifted children in the family

The child is born with certain inclinations,which relate to private abilities. And giftedness is something that is formed on the basis of innate abilities in the development of a person's personality. In the development of children's abilities, external conditions, education and upbringing play a decisive role.Support for gifted children beginsSupport for gifted children begins in the family -first music lessons Photo: GettyThe teacher and family should open the wealth and beauty of reality to the gifted child. Then he can go into it and move on it, not thinking about the results, but giving out what gives all the people. Parents should not only materially provide and organize social and living conditions for the life of gifted children, but also emotionally support them. To understand what abilities children have, to help overcome difficulties and problems.

State support of gifted children

For educational institutions of different levels are importantactivities for the disclosure and support of talent. The federal program on revealing gifted children is annually compiled. According to the government, data on the winners of the Olympiads and competitions are sent to the state organization, which provides children further assistance. The system stores information, allows you to organize further career guidance and employment. School teachers improve their skills to know how to educate talents. Noticing a gifted child, teachers should create conditions for the development of his abilities. Be able to build a trajectory in the field of his interests and desires, offer a ladder of development, clearly set the goal and move towards it, so that the achievements reflect the course of the creative development of the individual. Social and pedagogical assistance creates the conditions for the further favorable development and realization of talent. Gifted children need to be identified and supported, often they need the support of a psychologist, not just a teacher. Success is not only the achievement of the desired, but also recognition from others, public approval, and satisfaction from the result. To reveal talent and help it to succeed is the highest goal of the teacher.