1 / 6Photo: Archives of press servicesPhoto: Archives of Press ServicesPhoto: Archives of Press ServicesPhoto: Archives of Press ServicesPhoto: Archives of Press ServicesPhoto: Archives of Press ServicesAvora has time to take care not only about her daughter, but also about other people's babies who need help. The TV presenter often takes part in charity events, and yesterday, at the Christmas party in the restaurant "Happiness" on the Roof, along with the brand-chef Dmitry Reshetnikov and the Trusts of the Sun Fund, she created chocolate bears Teddy. All proceeds from the sale of cookies will be transferred to the fund to help children who are so interested in feeling warm and caring in the new year. How did you get to know the Sun Charity Foundation?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)Brand-manager of restaurants HAPPINESS Juliatold about the charitable action and the culinary master class with the "Sun" foundation. I liked this idea, because it's great when you can do good on New Year's Eve. Our acquaintance with HAPPINESS, we also decided to continue an interesting collocation and the creation of original swiss shots. This bright collection, we hope, will please all guests of HAPPINESS. Do you already participate in such promotions for the first time?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)I support charitable initiatives onlythose people whom I personally know or trust 100%. Such people are few - this is Natalya Vodyanova, Kostya Khabensky, Dina Korzun. And now the "Sun" joined the list of their funds. Today you did a great job of baking, do you often cook at home?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)No, I do not prepare very much, mostly simpledishes. In our house, a great culinary expert is my husband Alexei. Here he can cook a duck, and snacks for every taste. But I easily brew a delicious breakfast or a light salad. What dish do you traditionally serve each year to the New Year's table?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)We always meet the New Year in different ways. Sometimes visiting friends, sometimes abroad, but if we are at home in a cozy circle, then the husband traditionally cooks a duck with apples. He does it very cool, he has his secrets. I know that he is covering all this with mustard-honey sauce, so a delicious crust is obtained from above. Alex is very fond of cooking, if he has time, he will happily hold it by the plate. The duck is good, but what about olivier and herring under the fur coat?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)At a festive dinner we never havesuch salads "Olivier", "Mimosa", "Herring under the fur coat." All these complex dishes, dressed with mayonnaise, I do not like. I believe that you can cook lighter salads, but at the same time no less delicious. One such taught me to cook a famous culinary Alex Zimin. Salad is very simple, but cool. To make it, you need the leaves of the salad, which you need to put on a plate. Then the fig is taken and cut into four parts, from above we put goat cheese, which is difficult to get now due to sanctions. But any soft cheese will do. At the top is put prosciutto and, of course, fill in all the dressing, which must also be prepared. For this, take balsamic vinegar, honey and a little olive oil. All this needs to be mixed and cheerfully poured on the salad. Where are you going to celebrate the upcoming New Year?Irina Yudina (Aurora) (Irina Udina)This New Year we decided to celebrate at home, our grandmother from Vyborg will come to us, she has not come to us for a long time. We will cook all these delicacies together.