Orthopedic pillow will be greatan assistant for you and an indispensable support for your baby. What is its role? To begin with, the baby's cervical curvature of the spine is formed at the age of 0 to 12 months, until the moment when the baby begins to confidently hold his head on his own. In order for the cervical bend to form correctly, it needs help - children often hold their heads for a long time either on one side or on the other. Parents have to constantly monitor and correct the baby's head. Orthopedic pillows for newborns (photo) ideally help to solve this problem. They ensure the normal growth and development of the cervical spine, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the baby, support the baby's neck and head, reduce the load on the cervical spine and normalize blood circulation in this area.A photo: Getty Images Despite the fact that such pillows appeared relatively recently, they were already actively prescribed by doctors. The most popular cases are: damage to the cervical vertebrae, diagnosis of "torticollis", uneven skull bones, increased or decreased tone of the neck muscles. In such situations, an orthopedic pillow is simply necessary! There are, of course, more serious cases when treating torticollis or other disorders is necessary promptly or with the help of other medical interventions. Then no pillow will help. But for the prevention of the pillow will be just right. In addition, orthopedic pillows for the newborn (photo) are multifunctional. They provide heat exchange and do not cause an allergic reaction, are easy to use - dry quickly, and wash them simply. They can easily be taken on a trip, car or train. Are there any contraindications? Of course. Before buying, be sure to consult a doctor. He will tell you whether there is a need for this pillow and which one is better to choose.