1 Fashionable women's shoes in the upcoming autumn-winter season of 2010/2011 are represented by a wide range: starting from classic and ending with the most unthinkable fantasy models.

Boots of the 70's

In the current autumn-winter season in fashion shoesseventies. Especially fashionable young ladies this fall can not do without a tweed jacket and felt hat and, of course, a pair of fashionable boots in the color range of the 70s of last century. The most actual colors are burgundy, red and sea waves. Do you want to look fashionable and stylish? Get a pair of boots on a thin enough square heel, tight-fitting leg. Such shoes will best emphasize the length of the skirt or dress of the fashionista. Classic models perfectly match and look great with shorts made of soft fabric and flared skirts, as well as dress-pullovers. To a perfectly black ensemble, boots of cognac or green color are suitable. This combination will be stunningly beautiful, very stylish and fashionable to look at a woman of any age.


Until this season moccasins were considered purelymen's shoes and did not enjoy such high popularity in fashion. However, times change, and at the same time fashion. Today, women's fashion has borrowed moccasins from the men's wardrobe and has taken up arms. Designers are advised to wear them with a straight woolen skirt or narrow trousers. They perfectly match with shirts from denim and spacious blazers. In addition, moccasins look great with a tight short blouse, pullover and with a cloak.

Practical glamor

On the catwalks of this season 2010/2011a glamorous version of good old walking shoes is presented - shoes with a very high heel. The Rag & Bone collection deserves special attention, representing quite practical models. Practical glamor, in contrast to the classics, at first glance has a ridiculous appearance. Therefore, they will require fashion women to buy new clothes of the appropriate style. Such shoes will look good with short jeans to ankle, short pullover or shirt and red cloak.

Footwear for sheep's wool

The coming winter season promises to beexceptionally warm, cozy and soft. And all this thanks to the appearance on the podium of an ecologically clean and natural product - sheep's wool. In the autumn-winter 2010-11 it is present everywhere: starting from the fashionable in this season jackets of aviators to boots and boots. In many models of shoes, it is presented in the form of a decorative element or internal insulation. Boots on sheep's wool attract the attention of not only women of fashion, but also those who primarily prefer comfort and coziness.

Cat's heel is always in fashion

Femininity and beauty in this autumn-winterseason is not associated with high heels. Today, classic models have lost their height, in fashion, the so-called cat's heels. Comfortable and comfortable for a quick walk heel almost never went out of fashion. And now it is popular as never before.

Lace-up shoes

For fashionistas this season, such shoes will be veryby the way. After all, they look great with fashionable this fall and winter shortened (7/8) trousers. Topical in this season are all shades of brown and rust. Shoes with laces can be found with a variety of materials. It's rhinestones, and denim, and fur. The elegance and steady heel patterns give them particular popularity. Designers advise wearing such shoes with leggings and golf, skirts with high waist and dresses in the style of the 70s.

What else should ladies remember this season?

Autumn and winter 2010/2011 are very popularthere will be high warm socks. Boat shoes with black lace trim. The trend of the season is the combination of suede and denim. Round and square heels. Ballet flats with leopard trim. Finishing in some form of fur. Men's motifs in women's models. High boots are still relevant. We advise you to read: