Causes and symptoms of myopic astigmatism in children

In most cases, the cause of the disease is one -heredity. If the astigmatism of this nature is in the parents, then it is likely that he will have the child. Other reasons include excessive visual stress, eye trauma, increased intraocular pressure.myopic astigmatismMyopic astigmatism in children is corrected with the help of glasses Photo: Getty At the initial stages the disease can develop asymptomatically, but later the following symptoms appear:

  • decreased visual acuity;
  • a vague image in front of the eyes, double vision;
  • complexities in the concentration of objects;
  • difficulty visibility into the distance;
  • tear;
  • fast eye fatigue;
  • frequent dizziness and pain in the head.

Myopic astigmatism in children is prettyis common, however, babies rarely complain about vision problems. That's why parents need to be careful. If the child is screwed up, when he looks into the distance, he tilts his head and looks at the subject from different angles to see it - it's an alarming bell that talks about eye disease. Well, the easiest way to detect this eye disease in time, if you regularly make preventive visits to the ophthalmologist.

What to do if myopic astigmatism is found

The doctor chooses the appropriate treatment independing on the severity of astigmatism. Most often, conservative correction with glasses and contact lenses is preferred. At this point, which option is more to your liking. However, pay attention, if you choose contact lenses, then quickly get used to them and stop noticing them. Children can not use contact lenses, they have correction of astigmatism only with the help of glasses. For more radical treatment, laser correction is used. This is a modern, and most importantly, a safe method that helps quickly restore vision. Laser surgery for one eye lasts only 30 seconds! Well, normal vision comes back after a week. Myopic astigmatism is normally amenable to correction if it is detected in the early stages. Neither children nor adults are immune from this disease, however, with proper treatment, it will not cause inconvenience. Read further: