Anna VladimirovaAnna Vladimirova, a doctor, founder of the school of health-improving practitioners Wu Ming Dao, is a teacher and popularizer of women's Taoist practices in the West.Photo: Getty Images First about the main thing: childbirth is a natural process, and our body is ready for it a priori. In order for labor to pass as easily and pleasantly as possible for both the mother and the baby, it is very desirable to master the basic skills that will be useful in the process - for example, the tearing skill and the skill of comfortable analgesic breathing in the fight. These and other skills needed in labor are desirable to study before or during pregnancy within the framework of various seminars, for example, on women's Taoist practices. Such training gives self-confidence and knowledge at the body level. But then ...

72 hours before delivery

Very often even the quietest momsface some inexplicable, incomprehensible anxiety just a few days before delivery. What is this feeling and how to live with it? So the body tells about the readiness for childbirth, and this signal - that soon comes the happiest, most exciting, exciting moment in life - is usually misunderstood as excitement and fear. In fact, this is an anticipation! Remember, how did you look forward to the first date with the boy you were in love with? Yes, it was unsettling, but in this anxiety there was a lot of enthusiasm and readiness for happiness. It is this state that is triggered before delivery, and in your power to debug it, cutting off anxiety and focusing attention on anticipation. How can this be done? First of all, be aware of what this feeling is. And secondly, to prepare a script, which is nice to distract. Exercise for imagination. Our mind is ready to generate any future scenarios - just give vent. And if he does this, relying on a sense of anxiety, this scenario will envy the best creators of horror. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance a scenario of ideal (cosmically beautiful!) Genera: let there be a rainbow, unicorns, goddesses of rivers and lakes, trumpeted into golden shells ... And let in your scenario there will be something to laugh at! And as soon as the fantasy will throw some nastiness, switch to the mode of your ideal scenario. After all, seriously speaking, childbirth is one of the happiest moments in life, and it will proceed exactly as you planned it.Photo: Getty Images

Entering into childbirth

To give birth easily and naturally, without anxietyand unrest, there must be only one event: the dominant of the birth should start. This is the area of ​​the brain that switches the body into the delivery mode, cuts off all unnecessary (including extraneous emotions and experiences) and ensures the harmonious progress of the whole process. If you saw a mother who has labor, you could not help noticing: she is slightly clouded a look, she does not immediately react to stimuli and for the most part looks somewhere inside herself. This is the most sought-after state in which all events are dominated by the dominant childbirth. How can we help him to start? We, beings with will and mind, can easily block natural processes, simply refusing to pay attention to them. For example, a woman who wants to dress all her clothes before going to the hospital, cook her meal for a week and check the lessons of older children, can block the launch of the dominant childbirth - until their finale. In this case, the process is deprived of natural natural support.