jeans with high waist Mass love of jeans led to the fact thattoday they want to wear guys and girls who follow fashion trends. And, it is necessary to tell, jeans never lose the popularity, stably remaining ornaments Casual look'ov. Of course, the tastes of people change with time, so new or well forgotten old trends come to the fore. In the 2011-2012 season, designers of European houses again draw the attention of women of fashion to the variety of jeans with a high waist - this trend continues to be relevant for several years. Therefore, our review will be devoted to it - let's see what ideas the fashion designers will offer us, what wardrobe to choose for this stylish clothing subject, on what decisions to stop. But first of all it is necessary to touch on the issue of the constant popularity of these jeans - what is the secret of their success, why do they remain in the category of must have? There are several simple and understandable explanations at once:

  • High jeans are designed for women of differentages - they can safely wear both girls-students, and women of older generations. In any case, this wardrobe item will look appropriate and, most importantly, stylish and relevant, so it does not get tired of buying.
  • In addition, high jeans fit perfectly intothe framework of Casual style, becoming one of the most attractive strokes in the daily appearance of the girl. And taking into account the variety of existing models today, it's not a problem to choose an option for an office, a visit to a restaurant or a theater - with them a woman can remain stylish in any situation.
  • With a detailed review of jeans with a high waistphotos of the last collections without words tell us about the huge variety of ways to decorate them. So, if in warm weather models with slots, patches, holes on knees, pockets or a pope were very popular, in the autumn-winter season the variants with decorative inserts, overlays, applications will be successful.
  • It is also necessary to note thathigh jeans can be combined with many things and accessories. Below we will cover this issue in more detail, but even now without explanation it is clear that with such a fashionable trend, a girl's wardrobe can be as rich as possible.

As you can see, the constant popularity of highjeans can be explained very easily - taking into account all of the above, we are sure that they are doomed to success not only in the coming, but also in the following seasons. That is why their purchase will be absolutely correct decision - such a thing can be a stylish decoration of the girl's wardrobe for a long time.

It's all about convenience

jeans with high waist photo All the aforementioned advantages of the discussedmodels are 100% fair, but many girls and women choose them because of the comfort that they can give. Yes, high jeans are very practical and convenient, and that's why:

  • They help to emphasize the waist, making it thinner, truly aspen - they become the choice of girls who want to add to their image seductiveness, piquancy, sexuality.
  • When a woman can not boast of idealproportions, it is the tall jeans that come to her aid. They give an opportunity to visually reduce the waist, they "make" the girls and I will give them slimmer, slimmer, lighter, more airy and this is their undisputed plus.
  • Helping to hide the small shortcomings of the maiden figureand emphasize the elegance of the legs, high jeans give that sense of freedom, for which they are so highly valued. Remember, the model with a quality cut does not just look great, but it sits on your hips nicely, and also provides ease of movement.

Focusing on numerous advantageswomen's jeans with a high waist, for justice it should be noted that they still do not fit for each figure. Therefore, you just need to be able to properly wear them - this will be discussed below.

The colors and decor of jeans

At this important moment, we just needto draw your attention, and we want to adequately cover it in the framework of this review. As in the case of the summer, in the autumn-winter season, the leaders of the choice of girls will be tall metallic jeans, as well as black and gray models. Also, classic "varenki", well known to our mothers, will become popular again. It is worth saying that in the coming season, designers decorated high jeans, and quite richly, without fear of bright prints and unusual applications. Fashion houses delight girls with rhinestones, embroidery, ethnic motifs. And the success enjoyed by almost everything, ranging from the Scandinavian "runes" and ending with our "Khokhloma". The main thing that the presented jeans looked really fashionable, interesting and remained 100% copyright. It seems that designers are guided precisely by this principle in the process of creating collections, and we can say that they made a really good decision.

Simple rules of socks

First of all, it is worth paying attention tothe level at which our waist line passes - it deserves the closest attention. Remember, if the jeans are sitting too high, the figure seems disproportionate - this effect simply needs to be avoided. In such a situation, one can turn to the shows of the latest European collections, especially since their viewing can give us practical advice. Giorgio Armani, Philippe Lim, Ralph Lauren and many other designers tell us that you need to wear jeans, the top of which will be at the level of the narrowest point of the waist. So do the women of the 70s and, by the way, they acted absolutely right, because in this way the girls achieved the same visual effect of strict legs and a fragile figure. By the way, having successfully picked up other clothes for an image, for example, the same vest or top, you can even more enhance the impression of lightness and gracefulness of your appearance. Of course, you need to remember about the features of your beloved body: pay attention, jeans with a high waist perfectly fit girls with a figure in a triangle, rectangle, figure eight. But the "apple" or "pear" in them will not be so cool - Russian women with such forms, we would advise paying attention to other models. But slender and tall girls need to pay attention to these jeans - they fit beauties just perfect. But girls with other proportions, too, do not despair, because there are really a lot of options - you can easily pick up convenient, beautiful and useful. For example, you can buy high jeans with loose trousers, gradually expanding downwards. This model will visually extend the legs and make slimmer and graceful even a very lush girl. Another important point: do not be afraid that this is "grandma's" jeans - today they choose fashionable women around the world. Yes, this piece of clothing looks not only interesting and stylish, but also moderately sexy. After all, he in any case gives us clearly outlined, seductive and straight-eyed sculptures of the waist and hips. It is this cut is to choose women of all ages, because when properly worn, the fair sex will forget about the drawbacks of the figure and will once again emphasize the dignity of elegant and beautiful legs.

We select a wardrobe

women's jeans with high waist Of course, with the help of just one thing, evenmost fashionable, you can not create a full-fledged stylish image - it should be harmoniously combined with other elements of clothing. This truth is true also in the case when our focus is high jeans - they can and should be combined with a variety of outerwear, shoes and accessories. That is why this section of our review is devoted to creating a harmonious image of a stylish and self-confident beauty. So, jeans with a high waist have become the choice of a fashionable woman who is following the latest European trends attentively: with what to wear them? First of all, let's turn our attention to outerwear, because it depends on it to what extent stylish, sophisticated and modern will be the appearance created.

  • If we talk about the so-called "not a weekend"cloakroom, picked up, well, for example, for friendly gatherings or reception of guests, the options that were relevant in the summer are perfect. So, at home high jeans are perfectly combined with the shortened tops, tanker-boxers and even simple "men's shirts" in a cage.
  • Well, for the release of a great fur suitclothing: the same short little jackets and vests will help create an emphatically stylish ensemble. Together with high jeans, she will be an adornment of beauties with an impeccably delicate taste, accustomed to attention from men.
  • Of course, we need to think not only about theaters,restaurants and parties, but also about everyday life - you need to pick up a fairly fashionable, but at the same time a serious wardrobe for work. And in this case, high jeans in the win, because they can be elegantly combined with knitted sweaters, jumper, cardigans - in the coming season it will be the classic Casual.

Now let's look at the shoes - here everythingsimple and understandable. An unmistakable choice will be models with a heel, a platform, a high lift. Pay attention, it is better to give preference not to a thin hairpin, but to something more massive and thorough. In this case, the shoes will help visually increase the length of the legs and make your figure slimmer, slimmer and lighter. We turn to accessories, especially since there is a very important point that should be chosen when choosing jeans with a high waist: what to wear them, what handbag or hat to choose in the coming autumn-winter season? Quickly going through the trends suggested by venerable designers, we will answer this question right now. Of the fashionable adornments, the girl should definitely have a wide belt - it will perfectly complement the high jeans. Another interesting solution is to decorate your image with suspenders, but it should be said that such a combination will suit only moderately unordinary and extravagant girls. But sunglasses need to be chosen carefully - yes, they continue to remain relevant in the fall and even in winter, but are no longer an obligatory ornament of the fashionable woman. Now about the headdresses: here is our advice - be more courageous and wear kepi, scarves, berets and even bowlers or extravagant hats with pleasure, because with their help you can include a few interesting notes. Just do not forget about neck scarves or scarves - they will also be a wonderful addition to the stylish image of an elegant girl. About the bags, the conversation is special: in principle, there will be very many models that are relevant, so it will be necessary to choose the situation, as they say. If you are going to a disco or a party - take a clutch with you if you are in for work, a business meeting or a visit - an average or even a large bag. By the way, in this case, the choice should be made based on their own figure: tall girls fit bulky models, and fragile - miniature.

Fashion collections

jeans with high waist with what to wear His view of the trend described by us showedmany fashion houses, and in general there are two trends. Earlier we talked about the fact that in honor high jeans with rich decorative trim, literally created for a trip to a party, a visit or a club. But not less popular and emphasized are strict models, more suitable for work. So let's see who in his collections preferred Casual style, and who - the effectiveness and shocking.

  • Interesting and somewhere even luxurious solutionsare presented to our attention Alexander Wang, Giorgio Armani, Richard Nicoll, Ralph Lauren - they give us such women's jeans with a high waist, which become elements of a spectacular evening wardrobe. In the models of these designers, the main emphasis is on individuality and originality - this is what attracts girls.
  • Well, the fans more formal and strictstyle, we would advise to pay attention to the collections of Yves Saint Laurent, Margaret Howell, Chloe - they obey all the rules of stressed office looks. The shows tell us how elegantly the jeans of these fashion designers are combined with blouses, turtlenecks, blazers, helping to form the image of a business and self-confident beauty.

Be sure to tell you about what exactlyhigh models in favor with world celebrities. So, for example, in the jeans we discussed throughout the season in public appeared Jay Lo and Katie Holmes - recognized women of fashion who have proven themselves stars with impeccable taste. In the summer they combined the model with jerseys and tops, in autumn and winter they will offer us new stylish options - we are sure of that. Our review is coming to an end, and we want to give the last recommendation to the girls, who are confused and who do not already know what to buy jeans with high waist: photo collections, video shows, our modest tips - these are all your assistants in choosing. See the fashion trends described by us closer - they deserve your attention. We advise you to read: