how to make money work Most people believe that in order tobecome rich and earn well, you only need to work hard. However, this common opinion is not entirely true. Naturally, the first question that will come to your mind is why? Look around - what do you see? A lot of people around the world go to work every day, get paid, but do they all own millions? Most of them can boast of the life of an average person who does not have enough money to meet the minimum requirements for food, shelter, clothes and ordinary vacation on the popular tourist route. At the same time, others spend time, weeks relaxing in foreign resorts, swimming on their own yachts, playing tennis and entertaining themselves with shopping trips. Who do you think it is? Of course, rich people! So how do they manage to earn money first, and after spending huge sums, while not staying in the office for days at a time? The answer is simple: they know how to make money work!

For the rich, the work is temporary, but for the poor - it is constant

The one who can not bring himself to act, soall his life and is on the couch, having achieved nothing. Naturally, that you had money, you need to work hard. However, it is necessary to spend correctly and smartly and invest the received finances. This is what distinguishes the rich from ordinary people: they turn hard work into "reasonable", hiring others to work for themselves. For such enterprising persons labor is really a temporary phenomenon, but for others it is permanent. Rich understand that to spend a lot of time in the office should only be until a certain point, until the money will begin to bring additional income to its owner, who, notice, from this moment gains more freedom. To date, there are many books on how to become successful, and in each of them the main idea is that money is energy. People who have become financially independent have simply learned to replace labor energy, which is developed through professional activity, by other forms of labor. To do this, they use the labor of hired workers, investment capital and economic systems. If you want to become rich, remember that first you work for money, and then - they are for you, and for this they should be directed to the right track. Therefore, the main goal is to make finance work for oneself. Everyone in the depths of his heart desires to become free: from circumstances, people and other things. For this he needs not only internal, but also external, that is, material independence. It is the latter that makes it possible to do what you want. Naturally, in order not to go to the service, not to bow before the boss, and instead travel and fulfill your dreams, you need to have a certain amount of money. Therefore, whatever you twist, you have to earn, without working. Do you think this is impracticable? In vain do you think so! You can obtain such privileges if you find a sufficient passive income that will ensure the life you are striving for. That is, a person becomes materially independent when his additional earnings exceed the basic expenses. Many people work hard for some "uncle" for the sake of not too smart salary. But why do this, if you can earn more, while spending less time and energy? To do this, you should concentrate on finding sources of passive income. There can be two. The first is money that will work for you. For example, investments in bonds, promissory notes or securities, mutual funds, operations in the market for short-term loans, as well as ownership of various real estate objects can bring additional profit. The second source of passive income is business. It can be profit from your own or jointly owned enterprise, whose successful activity does not require your direct participation. Also included here is income from the rental of real estate, the possession of patents, royalties for music, books or, for example, own developed software, franchising and so on. This list can be continued indefinitely. In fact, any case organized by you and working without your participation is considered passive income. The main goal is to bring money to the business, not you personally, spending your energy and energy on it. Therefore, if you want to become rich, learn to think accordingly - look for additional opportunities, properly invest your earned finances and develop. Only in this case you will succeed. how to make money work

Passive income as an opportunity to earn money

The importance of structures that are passiveincome, can not be overemphasized. Without them, you will never become financially independent. So, for example, if you look more closely at network marketing and delve into the very essence of this business, you can understand that this is a great idea. Why? First, it often does not require a large initial investment. Secondly, by properly organizing and adjusting the process, you can then receive a percentage of sales for many years, while noticing that you do not need to go to the office, take part in business daily - he will work for you. It would seem that everything is simple and clear! However, most people question the organization and search for passive income is stalled. There are several reasons for this. The first is that even from childhood, parents tell their child: "Do you need money? Go to work!". Thus, they deliberately set up their child for a further eight-hour labor. They do not advise: "Get a source of passive income." Therefore, it does not even occur to a person that this is possible, since this phenomenon is alien to him and incomprehensible to him. The second reason is ignorance of the specifics of the organization of sources of additional earnings. As a result, most people simply work in a company, receiving a salary, and do nothing to become richer. Rather, they think that this will happen if you spend ten to twelve hours in the office, gradually climbing the career ladder. However, firstly, this process is very long and tedious, and secondly, you will agree, in most cases, reaching a certain level in professional development, a person simply can not grow further due to various reasons: the company's policy of "glass ceiling "and so on. If you do not want to work daily as a dray horse, getting a penny for it, think about finding a source of passive income. To do this, you first need to decide what kind of "beast" is and how to tame it. There is a mass of literature that helps people to "turn" the mind, move away from the usual norms and stereotypes. For example, American billionaire Warren Buffett in his book titled "Lessons of corporate America" ​​shares with readers the intricacies of the game on the stock exchange, tells how the business works, where you can invest your finances and how to not lose them, but multiply. Bodo Schaeffer's advice on finding financial freedom and finding sources of passive income is very popular. Not so long ago, the published book of Robert Kiosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" instantly became a bestseller. This is by no means the entire list of "useful" literature, whose authors - people are far from being poor, smart and enterprising, on which one can and should be equaled. Therefore, read at least one of the above books - this will be your first step towards wealth and financial independence. how to make money work for yourself

Think like a millionaire

If you had the opportunity to change the scopeactivity, go the way, thanks to which in the near future you can organize sources of passive earnings. Making such a choice, you will get more than you think - you will earn today and in the long term you will gain additional income without becoming attached to a certain workplace. Another problem for most people is adherence to the financial scenario inherent in childhood. Wealthy people always calculate forward steps ahead, considering the ratio of costs (everyday, entertainment and others) and tomorrow's investment in their independence. While the average average person is living today, interrupted by momentary pleasures. Justifying himself, he says: "How can I think about the future, if I can barely make ends meet?". However, the main problem is that very soon today will turn into tomorrow! And then what? To become richer than you are, there are two ways - either to earn more money, or to reduce your expenses. This is a matter of priorities, in which the poor prefer "now", and the wealthy choose a "reasonable ratio." In psychology, there is even such a term as "shop therapy" - a syndrome of momentary purchases, when a person who does not have enough money reserves spends on dubious pleasures all that he has, thereby trying to compensate for his dissatisfaction with circumstances, the situation, life. There are also those who, on the contrary, decently earn their money, refuse everything in themselves, buy the cheapest clothes, do not go on vacation, satisfy only minimal needs. Where do they get money? Just postpone, as they say, "for a rainy day." Both described types of behavior are not correct. In the first case, a person simply releases his and so a small state of any nonsense, while subsequently remaining with nothing. But you should not be too skimpy, especially if you just keep your savings in a "glass jar". Remember, they should work for you! That is, you need not only to earn and reasonably spend, but also invest in your future to get even more. Pay attention, the rich acquire real estate, the market value of which increases over time. They invest in stocks, bonds, business, and the poor buy disposables and only collect invoices that they can not pay. This is the fundamental difference. Therefore, if you do not want to live all your life on credit, learn to think like a millionaire. To do this, consider every dollar as a grain, sowing which, you can grow hundreds of new green pieces of paper. Read useful literature on gaining financial independence, business development opportunities, study investments, and then choose for yourself one of the spheres and become an expert in it. Learn not only to earn and wisely spend, but also to invest, thereby gaining additional income. So, in order to think like a millionaire and subsequently become one, it is necessary:

  • Learn - a stupid and uneducated person neverwill not earn enough money, even if it will work without days off and breaks. Therefore, develop: read manuals and books on investing funds, regularly review business publications, for example, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, "Power of Money", Money and others. So you can get acquainted with the existing financial opportunities, you will understand the political situation, which one way or another, but it affects the business.
  • Become an expert - having studied the possibilities of investing, determine your niche and start investing.
  • Make a plan - sketch out a list for yourselfpossible sources of profit in business or investment, then analyze the market, financial risks, and then act according to the plan. You need to focus not only on getting "active" income, but also "passive".
  • Buy property - become the ownerobject, which will subsequently provide you with a permanent cash flow. Of course, this market, like the rest, is experiencing recessions and falls, but in a few years you will still get more than invested. If you are afraid of losing - it means that you did not study these tips carefully enough. Do not doubt yourself and invest wisely! You can lose in real estate transactions only if you invested in it more than you could afford or not on time sold the object, for example, during a recession. So be careful!

Now you know how to make money work. Following these recommendations, constantly developing and investing the earned money, you will become financially free and will be able to live as you want! We advise you to read: