decorations for the kitchen The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the untouchable territory of every mistress. This is her estate. And, of course, we all strive to make the kitchen comfortable and cozy. And what creates an atmosphere of coziness? Correctly - different cute trinkets and trinkets that decorate the kitchen space. Jewelery for the kitchen brings to the everyday life element of the holiday. They please the eye and improve mood. They transform the most modest kitchen and enliven the most pompous. In any kitchen there is a place for gizmos that will become a good decor or an additional necessary (but also beautiful) accessory. And if you make jewelry for the kitchen with your own hands, then they will always remind you of what you are still a skilled and clever woman! This fact and self-esteem will increase, and will affect the excellent quality of dishes prepared by such a wonderful hostess. Decorative elements of the kitchen interior can be conditionally divided into the main groups:

  • textile,
  • dishes,
  • decorative compositions.
  • Ornaments from fabric

    Special chic to your kitchen will be given correctlythe selected curtains. They set the general direction of the decor. Choosing window curtains, you define a style that is closer to you: romanticism, classic or modern. And such functional things as towels, stool covers, napkins and tablecloths should simply correspond to the chosen style. Decorate the kitchen and the lampshade from the fabric. You can buy ready, but you can sew it yourself. And if your hands are not hooks, but quite the contrary, then you will master a whole set consisting of curtains, tablecloths and a lampshade. And do not master - it does not matter. At your service are all kinds of ateliers and studios of textile design. And how much charm lurks in the kitchen napkins on the table or shelf and utensils! If you are engaged in such needlework as knitting and embroidery, then romantic styles are your case. It is in them that embroidery and knitted items are widely used. And since we have started talking about these styles, it is worth mentioning about the dishes, which are also used to decorate the interior. kitchen decorations for your own hands

    Crockery as an element of decor

    The rows of plates lined up on a speciallong shelf. Hanging in a row on the hooks of a cup. And even lower - ladle, noise, knives, spatulas, frying pans. And now we have before us a picture of the typical cuisine of old England. If you like this placement of kitchen ware, then you are a fan of Old English style. But it is not necessary to display all the dishes for show. Stop on one thing. Successfully fits in the kitchen interior and ceramic dishes. Pitchers, pots, teapots, krynki - these are elements of the style of "country" or "chalet". Try it in your kitchen. Perhaps, this is what you lack to create a harmonious appearance of your patrimony. But the glassware, placed behind the transparent doors of the kitchen cabinet, brings us back to the times of the Soviet Union. You like? Do it! And let them just say that it's not fashionable ... It's stylish! And made in accordance with the style of "retro".

    Decorative compositions

    They will create an atmosphere of special comfort and warmth. Such compositions can be bouquets and panels from models of vegetables and fruits, dried cereals and flowers. Or transparent containers, layered with colorful croups. And can and fresh fruit, berries, citrus, beans, vegetables, preserved in decorative bottles (also fashionable). If you believe in people's signs, then place in the kitchen an amulet for the house - it will protect and decorate your home. A figurine of a brownie will also feel great on the kitchen shelf. Yes, and the classic Babe on the kettle surely there is a place in your kitchen. Still it is possible to make a panel from puff pastry. You can hang decorative plates on the wall. There you can place still lifes (pictures or photos). You can experiment with wallpaper or tiles ... A lot more that you can! Give only the will of your own imagination and take up the decoration of the kitchen with your own hands - and you will succeed! We advise you to read: