Cosmetics for pregnant womenPhoto:Getty Images During pregnancy, potent procedures are contraindicated, so you need to regularly and very carefully take care of the skin, which in expectant mothers changes from day to day. not chemical. You can also massage your face. In the selection of creams, it is better not to experiment, but to use the usual ones, those that have already been used and do not cause an allergic reaction. The same rule applies to decorative cosmetics. You can not resort to anything new during this period! With acne in pregnant women, cleansers are used. As for pigmentation, a frequent companion of pregnancy, you can use medicated creams. Which ones, the doctor will tell you. These funds are based on herbal preparations (licorice, etc.), do not contain toxic substances and are harmless. If there is a tendency to pigmentation, then it is necessary to apply creams throughout pregnancy. There should also be adequate sun protection, that is, it is necessary to use sunscreens.