Aspendos Theater On the azure coast of the Mediterranean Seaspread out Antalya - Turkey's most famous and popular resort, which attracts vacationers with azure sky, gentle sun, golden sand and warm sea. But the beauty of the area is not all the sights of Antalya. In the city, whose age is more than 2 thousand years, preserved a lot of historical monuments of different eras and cultures. Once Antalya was part of the Pergamon kingdom, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Numerous ancient ruins, structures and monuments carry visitors to the city in those distant times, which most of them are familiar with in school textbooks and historical novels. It is possible to assert with courage that Turkey has different periods of its existence in Antalya. minaret

The most ancient historical monuments of Antalya

One of the most ancient buildings in the territoryThe city is the tower of Hıdırlık, which was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. A massive structure is located in the park zone in the southeast of the ancient urban quarter of Kaleici. The height of the structure reaches 13.5 m. The base of the tower is a square, and its upper part is made in the form of a cylinder. It is assumed that originally the tower had a peaked top, which was destroyed during the reign of these lands of Byzantium. Today it is not known for certain why the Hıdırlık Tower was built. Historians assume that it could serve for local residents as a defensive fortification, a beacon or a tomb. Turkey honors the memory of times and promotes the preservation of the oldest structures located on its lands. Almost untouched, the Hadrian's Gate is still a triumphal arch dating back to 130 AD. The gate was built in honor of the visit to Antalya of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. They are 3 domed arches, made of white marble and decorated with antique columns. On both sides of the gate are small turrets, erected at different times. The south side of the arch is adorned with the stone tower of Saint Julia, which was erected around the same time as the Gate of Hadrian. In the north of the arch there is a tower, the foundation of which refers to the ancient period, and the walls and roof were erected during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. minaret kezik

Seljuk period in the architecture of the city

Enumerating the sights of AntalyaSeljuk period, I want to highlight a 38-meter Yivli (Rifleny) minaret, built in the 13th century. During the reign of Sultan Al-ad-Din Kay-Kubad. The building is located in the center of the city and is considered its main symbol. Today it is not known exactly what kind of events the minaret was built in, but most scientists believe that its construction was timed to the successful conclusion of the aggressive campaign that the Seljuk Turks conducted in the Mediterranean region in 1207-1226. The minaret is an early example of Islamic architecture on Turkish lands. It is built of bricks and consists of 8 parts of semi-cylindrical shape, each of which is decorated with mosaic. Thanks to this design, the massive construction of the minaret seems very light and refined. The foundation of the minaret is built of powerful stone blocks. The floor of the tower is adorned with the words of Muhammad, drawn out in blue. Entering the building from the north side, you can climb a long spiral staircase to the balcony of the minaret (sherefeh). Today, the staircase has 90 steps, but it is assumed that before they were as many as the names of Allah - 99. To the west of the minaret is the oldest in the region six-cupola mosque Yivli Minare Jami. It was built around the same period as the minaret itself, and is of no lesser historical value. Interestingly, the Turks built it from materials that belonged to earlier buildings. Another historical monument of Antalya during the reign of the Seljuk Turks is Karatay Madrassah, a palace built in 1251 by the vizier Selaletdin Karatai. In ancient times the building housed the school of the Koran. Karatay madrasah architecture is characterized by the influence of two cultures at once. The presence of domes and small rifling elements make the building a model of Arab culture, and the Greek columns that adorn the palace are inherent in the times of antiquity. Throughout its existence, the madrassah has been repeatedly restored, which allowed it to be perfectly preserved. Today it houses an exhibition hall, in which the entire history of Antalya is collected, beginning with the Paleolithic era and ending with our days. Among the exhibits of the hall you can see ceramic vases, various dishes, ornaments, figurines and much more. waterfalls of the river duoden

Sights of the city of the Ottoman times

Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque reflects a different era. The exact date of the construction of the mosque and the name of the person who built it has not survived to this day, but it is assumed that it belongs to the historical buildings of the late 16th - early 17th centuries and belongs to the era of the Ottoman Empire. At a time when Turkey was at the height of its power, the mosque played the role of the main Muslim center of Antalya. The temple is a square structure, crowned by one large and three small domes. Tekeli Mosque Mehmet Pasha is built of stone blocks and rubble. The individual parts of its gates and windows are made of ground stones. In the interior of the temple, the most interesting details are the altar and the chair made of marble. The clock tower of Saat Kulesi is a landmark in Antalya. The age of the sights is not so ancient, its erection began at the end of the XIX century and lasted until 1901. The construction of the tower of Saat Kulesi was financed by the German Emperor Wilhelm II. The construction was erected in honor of the 25th anniversary of the rule of the Turkish Sultan Abdul-Hamid. To see the clock tower, you need to visit the old quarter of Kaleici. The two-tier tower reaches a height of 18 meters. Its lower tier is a pentagon made of rough stones. Above, the tower is lined with polished stones in the form of a quadrangle. This part of the building is decorated with a clock. Once upon a time at the top of Saat Kulesi towered the dome, but it was destroyed by a storm. Now instead of it the top of the tower is crowned with teeth. Kekova Island

The most popular parks of Antalya

Antalya, like all of Turkey, is literally strewnmagnificent parks, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax from the bustle. The largest park in the city is Karalioglu, which extends along the rocky Mediterranean coast of Antalya. The park is located on a hill, and from its territory offers a wonderful view of the entire resort, mountains and coves. Karaalioglu is buried in greenery, it planted many trees, unusual plants and flowers. Cozy cafes and restaurants located at every step, as well as numerous shops make the park a favorite holiday destination for romantics. For fans of exotic fauna in the park area operates a mini-zoo. In the western part of Karaalioglu there is the Hıdırlık tower, which was described above. Ataturk Park is the second largest park in Antalya. It was named after the first president of the republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, under which Turkey became a completely different state. The park stretches along the precipitous cliff and is a complex of entertainments, including an autodrome, children's carousel, a huge trampoline. The main attractions of the park are two buildings in the form of pyramids: a cafe and a glass Congress Hall. Near it are the famous singing fountains. The name of Ataturk is immortalized not only in the name of the park. Immediately in two places in Antalya, on the Republic Square and Vatan Square, monuments to this great political figure rise. perge

Modern attractions of the resort

Singing fountains in Antalya refer to modernsights of the city. In the daytime they are no different from the usual fountains, but after dark, under them lights up and regularly at 21.00 local time begins an unforgettable show, which is admired by all the guests of Antalya. Fountains not only sing, but also dance to the sounds of Turkish, classical and popular music, and the show ends with a movie. To see the whole show, you need to come to the fountains as early as possible and take the most convenient place, as many visitors come to the beginning of the show around this place. Unusual singing sources work only during the tourist season. Antalya has a dolphinarium, where you can relax with the whole family. Every day throughout the tourist season, it hosts exciting imaginations, in which not only dolphins take part, but also fur seals with the beluga. These inhabitants of the seas and oceans are trained by trainers to draw pictures, sing, perform various tricks, play with the ball and hoops. Pictures painted by mammals can be purchased for memory. The duration of the whole performance is about one hour. After the show, you can swim with dolphins, but this pleasure will cost them a round sum. The dolphinarium is located on the territory of the large entertainment complex Aqualand. Antalya aquarium occupies a special place in the life of the city. It was opened in 2012 and today it is the largest underwater tunnel in Europe. Walking along the long corridors of the aquarium, visitors observe how sharks, skates and other ocean inhabitants swim over their heads. For tourists, languishing from the unusual heat of Turkey, in the aquarium equipped with a special snow room, where you can meet Santa Claus, go sledding and play fun games with snowballs. At the entrance to the snowy room, all visitors are given warm clothes. The Aquarium in Antalya is one of those interesting places thanks to which Turkey is now popular among tourists. The archaeological museum in Antalya will be of interest to everyone who is interested in ancient Turkish history. It is located in the urban district of Konyaalti. The building of the museum occupies 7 thousand square meters. m, on the territory of which there are 13 exhibition halls. In the hall of the prehistoric period, archaeological excavations of the Paleolithic period are presented. In the hall of the gods you can see huge originals of statues of Athena, Zeus, Artemis, Poseidon and other ancient Greek deities. On the second floor of the Archaeological Museum there are collections of ancient coins and icons. Part of the museum is located in the open air, where a lot of interesting exhibits are on display. It is impossible to list all the sights of Antalya. A special atmosphere of this sunny Turkish city is given by the streets and boulevards, where you can hide from the heat in the shade of huge palms. Everything in this area is permeated with carelessness, rest and fun. In Antalya there is a huge disco in the open air Discoland, where you can dance nights all the time. Within the resort are the picturesque Upper and Lower Duden Falls and the adjacent recreation area. From the territory of the zone you can admire these wonderful natural wonders. Turkey can be proud of the fact that its territory is a truly unique city, which is rightly considered the capital of tourism in the country.