The four-year-old prince went to prepclass last week. Everyone expected Prince George to be taken to school by his mother. But Kate, due to severe toxicosis, had to miss the solemn moment. However, dad did an excellent job. Parents pay very decent money to study at the elite Thomas’s Battersea school: in rubles - about one and a half million a year. Sep 7 2017 at 8:49 PDT But the parents seem to have more to worry about than the moms and dads of ordinary Britons. Yesterday, all the media in the country wrote that the police managed to prevent the possible kidnapping of Prince George. It turns out that a certain suspicious miss managed to get into the school grounds twice during the day. The first time she managed to escape, the second time the lady was detained by policemen. A 40-year-old woman was taken into custody. She, by the way, did not at all oppose the arrest and seemed completely indifferent to what was happening. The police believe that the detained woman is a stalker. She's just obsessed with the royal family. Therefore, the law enforcement officers believed that the woman came to school precisely because of Prince George, who, by the way, was not at school at that time. He comes to class in the morning and studies until lunchtime. Then he is taken home. Kensington Palace commented on the situation extremely sparingly: representatives of the royal family said that they would not increase the protection of the prince because of this situation. In their opinion, the efforts of the police are quite enough. But at school, security issues will be closely tackled.