Janet Jackson made her husband, billionaire Vissamu al-Manu, the most important gift in his life. On January 3, a 50-year-old American singer and actress gave birth to a boy!A photo: Getty ImagesMalysh, despite the fears of doctors, was born healthy and strong. Happy parents decided to call the child Issa. Such an unusual choice, however, does not surprise those who are aware of its significance. The name of the baby has either Turkic or Jewish roots. If you stick to the latest version, it means Grace of God. At the moment, mom and baby come to, but the newly minted father accepts congratulations with might and main. Friends and colleagues, already had time to talk with Vissam Al-Man, assure that he is beside himself with happiness!A photo: Getty Images Let's remind, Vissam Al-Man became the third spouse of Janet Jackson. In official relations, the actress and Qatari tycoon are from 2012. Before the wedding, they met for about two years. The first husband of the singer was musician James Debarzh. For the sake of her lover, Janet even ran away from home! But the marriage did not last a year (from 1984 to 1985). The couple quickly became disillusioned with each other. With her second husband, dancer Rene Elizondo, Jr., Jackson lived for 9 years.