25-th of August

A set of children in the groups of the creative workshop "Blackberries"

A photo: archive of the press serviceThe creative workshop "Blackberries" opens a set of children in groups for classes on handmade and drawing. Your child will get acquainted with different techniques and materials, learn how to create beautiful and necessary things with your own hands. The guys will become more creative, skillful, diligent and will find new friends. Their experience and skill will be shared by needlewomen, artists, designers, artisans. Classes will begin from the middle of September. Old restrictions: 6 + Time: 10: 00-17: 00Where: Kaliayev, 7a (new house, to the left of the Penza elevator) How much: subscription - 1500 rubles., You can purchase at any time (4 lessons, all necessary materials are provided) Tel. 24-28-22

The final stage of the championship of Russia on motocross

A photo: press service archive Participants of the competitions will fight for victory in motorcycle classes with engine capacity of 50, 65, 85 and 125 cu. cm (boys and juniors). To look at one of the most spectacular sports are invited to all, and also to cheer for the participants of the competition. The age limit: 12 + Time: 09: 30Where: "Surskie Zori" motorway (Penza-Tambov road, 285) How much: freeTel. 92-05-63

Interactive exhibition "The world of robots"

A photo: archive of the press-service We are happy to inform that on the second floor of MTRK "Collage" an interactive exhibition "The World of Robots" was opened! You are waiting for: more than 50 newest robots from around the world, devices for moving objects with the power of thought, spiritual conversations and dancing with robots, virtual and augmented reality, racing drones, quadrocopters and lots of fun! You can look into the future today! Age restrictions: 0 + Time: 10: 00-22: 00Where: SEC "Collage" How much: 390-590 rub.Tel. +7 (927) 649-00-68

Exhibition "Dolls of the World"

A photo: archive of the press serviceOn the exhibition there are about 300 dolls - oberezhnykh, ritual, play, theatrical - from more than 100 countries of the world. Most of the dolls belong to the collection of N.V. Goncharova from Irkutsk. The exhibition will open the museum visitors a bright, diverse world of dolls of different peoples, paying attention to the fact that, despite the differences, all people on earth unite invisible cultural ties. The overseas restrictions: 0 + Time: 10: 00-18: 00 Where: ul. Red, 73 (Penza State Museum of Local History) How much: 100-150 rubles. Tel. 56-55-20