The daughter bought him knitting needles, yarn and a knitting magazine. And here Ed by trial and error, finger fingers and having earned on them callouses, nevertheless mastered this craft. The prospect of simply knitting socks to his grandchildren, the grandfather did not like - the pensioner decided to benefit as many children as possible, especially those who need it. As a result, Ed Mosley took up knitting caps for premature babies, who are nursed in a hospital in Atlanta.A photo: Photo from the video Inside Edition Enthusiasm Eda was contagious, and knitting cap for preterm infants was joined by the nurse of a pensioner. The granddaughter described his passion and "mission" to his grandfather in his school, and one of his classmates also took the knitting needles. And on November 17, on the International Day of Premature Babies, Ed Mosley sent 350 caps to the hospital. A man was shown a story on television, where he commented on his good deed: "I still have a lot of free time. And it's not hard to knit. "Ed is going to continue knitting for premature babies. In addition, after reporting to him from around the world began to send thread. Now the pensioner knits red hats. It was these administration of the hospital who asked him to link to the day of fighting heart diseases, which will be held there in February.