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Children's room: a playground for growing up

The child needs a space for development, games, recreation. With the appearance of the first-born brothers or sisters, the parents face the severe need to divide the room according to the age, sex and needs of each child. Before starting the operation, find the answers to the questions: - How much time will the children spend outside the room? - What is the use of children? What kind of things and furniture the children can not do? To equip living space wiser in the style of minimalism: this will help to preserve space and light in the room. If there is a place in the parent room, sports equipment, simulators and other large items should be placed outside the nursery. Parents rarely experience living in their common territory sons or daughters. But one room for children of opposite sex is the subject of excitement, controversy and stress. Caring adults are worried about how the cramped conditions on the psyche of offspring, their relationship with each other, adult life will affect.

Early period: the introduction of norms of behavior

Adult toddlers do not need constant custodyparents and can move to their assigned living space. The age difference between brothers and sisters does not play a fundamental role. Since the child's awareness in actions and speech, adults with their example and instructions accustom the child to the rules: Respect peace and the personal space of others. -Don't take anything without demand. go for clothes. - For hygienic procedures and changing clothes there is a bathroom. - If you can not solve the conflict yourself, ask for help from your mother and father. If you establish certain rules for living for different sex children in one and to teach them to comply with these rules, this will make life easier for the whole family. The boys and girls, forced to live together for many years, are taught to find compromises and harmony in the relationship from a kindergarten age. Questions relating to puberty, regulated in advance, advising the child within reasonable limits to be shy of his body.two children in one roomTwo children in one room Photo: Getty

Difficulties in adolescence

Children of different sexes in the same room during sexual intercoursematuration is a test for the whole family. Under the influence of raging hormones, the behavior of future men and women becomes unrecognizable. But do not be alarmed: not all adolescents will face such a fate, and even with a patient and adequate attitude of parents, the problem quickly loses its relevance. Hormones also affect the physiological processes in the body. in one room of different genders, everyone needs their own personal space. Consequently, it is advisable to delimit the space for children at the stage of growing up who are getting used to changes in the body with a screen or curtain that fits into the interior. This will give the teenagers an opportunity to be alone with themselves, avoiding the attention of the opposite sex.

Registration of children's

If you have two children in one room, then herThe design should suit both the boy and the girl. For the arrangement use wallpaper and curtains of calm neutral colors. It is necessary to know the opinion and preferences of offspring, entrust them with the choice of furniture. Sleeper - a personal matter for everyone, but the common objects: a closet, a sofa, a table will have to look after together. Help your brother and sister make their home cozy and comfortable, giving useful advice on decorating the room. Staying with a boy and girl in the same room is a common occurrence. With the proper education and help of parents, such a neighborhood will bring only positive emotions and memories. Read further: