Development of speech of a child in 2-3 years

The best way to develop the necessary skills at this age is games. They should be held in a relaxed manner and bring joy.child development 2 3 yearsThe emphasis in the development of the child in 2 - 3 years should be done on the development of speech. Photo: Getty In three years, the kid should have the following skills:

  • He should be able to talk to sentences that consist of 4 to 5 words;
  • He understands the easy everyday phrases that people tell him;
  • Call the parts of the human body;
  • He can teach small verses.

Different levels of speech development at this ageis very noticeable. Because of this, the behavior of children also becomes different. For example, a child who speaks poorly, for emotional development is more like a baby 1 - 2 years. Compared to him, other children seem to be more adults.

Sensory games for the development of speaking skills

For your children to speak well, you need to deal with them. There are many fascinating toys and books, thanks to which it will be interesting. For example:

  • Use colorful alphabet. They attract attention and help to instill in children speech skills.
  • Buy interactive alphabet. In such books, clicking on the buttons, the kid will hear how the letter or word is pronounced.
  • Learn a little rhymes. In addition to the fact that the baby will learn to speak better, he will also develop memory.
  • Say tongue twisters and tongue twisters. They will help improve diction and make pronunciation more correct.

Thanks to these tips, your baby will speak better, he will have better memory and diction.

Others need skills

In addition to developing speech skills, the child should also be able to:

  • Distinguish colors;
  • Be independent: be able to undress and dress, use a pot, wash and wipe your hands;
  • Draw a straight line and hold scissors in your hands.

The development of these skills contributes to the fact thatthe child will quickly learn in the kindergarten. Also, you yourself will be easier with him, as some actions he can already do himself, and you will not need to help him.

Other employment for development in 2 - 3 years

You can play and play with the kid using the following methods:

  • Collect simple puzzles;
  • Use cards with different body parts, flowers and any objects;
  • Do with him crafts, paint, mold out plasticine;
  • Remind the kid about hygiene.

Turn it all into an exciting process tothe kid did not lose interest. Also remember that at this age it is important to follow the regime. He disciplines the child, and due to this he will soon get used to the regime in the kindergarten. Children at this age are quickly excited, they are characterized by excessive emotionality. Therefore, they can begin to cry and be capricious. It is important to try to stay calm and remember that this behavior is normal for such an age. To develop the speaking skill, you can also use special speech gymnastics, which makes sounds and diction correct.