pregnancy test pale stripePregnancy test: pale stripes Photo: Getty

The second strip is weakly expressed

Each test contains a reagent that changes color inif the special hormone hits it. It is present in the body of people of both sexes. But when a woman becomes pregnant, its amount is greatly increased. Reliable results can be obtained by conducting a test during the delay period. If you hurry and make a check before the recommended time, the amount of the hormone in the urine will be still insufficient for an accurate result. This reason is not unique, others are possible. In the instructions attached to the test, producers indicate that the second strip is identical to the first in the case of a positive result. The purpose of the first band is to control the correctness of the actions performed. If it appeared, then the steps taken are correct. Using a quick pregnancy test, a pale band (the second) indicates either an early check or other possible processes taking place in the woman's body. Here is a list of possible causes for the pallor of the test: • urine is too diluted with liquid that has been drunk the previous day • a fertilized ovum with abnormalities • pregnancy stops, • during pregnancy, ectopic, • testing occurs soon after an abortion, • malignant formation in the uterus, • bubble drift. There is a probability that ku A captive test will prove to be substandard or expired. In the treatment of infertility, the same hormones are used, and if this fact took place, it will also reflect a pale band. To eliminate the error, it is recommended to repeat the testing in two weeks. If the results remain the same, then you must visit the gynecologist. In the event that there are suspicious deviations in health, this is extremely necessary.


Do not be lost in conjecture, if the secondthe strip was poorly expressed. It is better to buy a test from another firm and check on it. This is done at the recommended time - when the delay has already gone. And whatever the result, the treatment in the women's consultation will be useful.