Recently, Tatiana increasingly showsdaughter Nadenka. Fans emphasize that, becoming a mom the second time, the athlete blossomed, became softer, tender and completely dissolved in motherhood.Photo:We have already seen how two-year-old Nadya and her mother go for a manicure, how they play football, jump on a trampoline, and swim. It's time for home sketches. Tatiana showed for the first time how she and her husband play with her daughter at home. It turns out that little Nadia loves to transform into a lioness. “A real lioness has turned up in our house! How important it is to preserve in children the sincerity and purity with which they come into this world! " - Tatyana wrote on Instagram and posted a touching video. In the video, the skater captured how the baby jumps out from around the corner and growls at her unsuspecting dad. In just nine hours, more than 70 thousand of Tatyana's subscribers watched the video. And all as one repeated that the girl was just a copy of her mother. “The daughter is like her mother. Let it be the same in life - happy, beloved and beautiful, ”the fans wrote and emphasized that a real artist would grow out of Nadia. Video posted by Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) Oct 30 2016 at 1:22 PDT