Tatyana Volosozhar- We moved into this house in 2015. They settled down gradually. First they did all the basic, necessary for life. And then they supplemented, for example, the library was equipped with an attic.Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov with Angelica's daughter Photo: Lara BardinaMaxim Trankov- After winning all the starts in 2013, and thenOlympics in Sochi, Tatyana and I accumulated a certain budget and began to think about what it is better to invest. In the country, then, a crisis began. There was a risk that money could disappear. Friends advised to buy real estate. I always dreamed of living in a house. I do not like big cities. I feel more comfortable when I open the window in the morning and sing around the birds. We were not in Russia at that time, we performed at ice shows around the world. So the village did not even choose at all. Just went into this house, and he immediately liked. Although here there was no repair, and in places and walls. From scratch, everything was done without Tanya without the help of a designer. There were no discussions. We basically argue little. We like the same thing. I myself painted the walls, thought through the living room. We got a very economical option. There is no Spanish tile, natural stone and other expensive pieces. Everything is budget. We understood that we would have a child and made two children's rooms. We decided to paint the walls in them. I remembered myself as small as I liked to paint wallpapers, tear them away and thought: you need walls where you can draw and paste stickers, and then repaint it all.

We get up at five in the morning and do everything

Tatyana Volosozhar"I'm used to staying up late and getting up." But with Likusha (daughter Angelica was born on February 16, 2017. - Note "Antennas"), everything has changed. I became a lark and fall asleep much earlier. For the first month and a half after the birth, she was at home without a break. Thanks to my mom for the fact that I could go to the store for 15 minutes. Now it's easier. Lyka and I understand each other. She has a day's sleep, and I'm free in these hours and a half or two.Photo: Lara BardinaMaxim Trankov- I adjusted myself that a child would appear andwill Tanya help. I jumped up with her a couple of nights, tried to do something, but eventually I realized that Papa was not needed here. I just get in the way. So a week later I stopped getting up. Tanya took over the nightly worries about her daughter. Now for us both start the day at five in the morning - nonsense. The fact that Lika is a lark, there is even a plus. Because when you do not have regular training, you can lie down, read a book, be lazy. And then he jumped up early and changed a lot of things, and on the clock only ten in the morning!Tatyana Volosozhar- I work with Lika, we have developingtoys, special rugs. Pediatricians praise her, they say that the girl is observant, everyone is interested. She loves company. Maxim and I took her to people several times. I think that Lika will not be a closed child. She is already showing character. Maxim jokingly says that Likusha is driving a rope from us. Maybe in some ways it's true. For example, he begins to cry, opens his eyes in a minute, looks at us with a sly smile, closes his eyes and again weep.Maxim Trankov- She is already quietly understands how you canto manipulate us. When Likusya was very tiny, I had a good time rocking her. I held her in my arms, performed lullabies from the discharge - that I see that I sing. And recently she was laid by Tanya. Feed, and Lika falls asleep.