symptoms and treatment of diathesisSymptoms of diathesis - itching and redness. Photo: Getty

Symptoms of diathesis

The fact that it is time for a child to block access tochocolate sweets, harmful products or such, with which the liver does not have time to cope, will tell the redness of the skin (if the baby is older). But this problem can affect and babies. Diathesis symptoms are memorable, it can not be confused with other pathologies.

  • At babies appear yellow crusts in the area of ​​the scalp, on the eyebrows.
  • With normal care, on the buttocks, on the back or abdomen, rashes may appear - a swab.
  • Older children develop redness on the cheeks, on the joints.
  • Redness then covered with a white crust. Complementing their itching leads to combing, the introduction of a possible infection in the microcrack. In infants, this condition develops when the nursing mother "sinned" by eating "forbidden fruit". The main thing now is to transfer yourself and the baby to proper nutrition and ensure an improvement in the condition.

    Symptoms and treatment of diathesis

    Symptoms and treatment of diathesis is better discussed with the pediatrician. In special cases, even antimicrobial agents and healing hormonal ointments are prescribed. Much depends on the parents.

    • Correct the food. Bright vegetables and fruits for a time exclude (carrots, strawberries, tomatoes).
    • Instead of whole milk, the baby is offered dairy products with a low fat content.
    • Chicken eggs are replaced with quail eggs.
    • From cocoa and chocolate refuse in favor of compote of dried fruits and green apples, bananas.

    Babies on the artificial feeding menualso undergoing changes - temporarily the pediatrician appoints dairy-free mixtures. To improve the condition of the skin, the baths are prepared with the addition of oak bark, alternatives. After drying, the damaged areas are applied creams and ointments - "Diathesis-STOP", soothing the skin remedy "Bepanten", "Triderm". It is necessary to read the instruction and not to mix some means with children's creams (they dry, and children's cosmetics - on the contrary, humidifies). Also, baby clothes are washed with hypoallergenic powders. And they try to devote more time to their son or daughter, because the manifestation of this disease has psychosomatic roots. Infringement of mutual relations between mum and the kid of a crumb feels "a skin". Also useful to know: