The Beckham family. Condition - 500 million pounds

A photo: SplashNewsVictory and David Beckham have long been an illustration to the phrase "perfect marriage." Yellow press from time to time trying to ascribe the most beautiful pair of show business novels on the side, but no speculation has ever been confirmed. Ignoring the provocateurs, Victoria continues to conquer the fashion world, and David just as successfully monetizes his football name within the advertising campaigns and various projects. The total budget of the Beckham is about half a billion pounds, which makes them the richest star family in Britain. For comparison: this is about 130 million pounds more than the queen herself. The younger generation of Beckhams from star parents does not lag behind. The eldest son of the Brooklyn family actively tries himself as a photographer and makes a career in the modeling business. On his account, contracts with the brand name Reserved and the brand of youth smartphones Honor, whose face he was recently. The younger brother of Brooklyn - Romeo is also not sitting on the spot. The boy took part in the advertising campaign Burberry, and this is a very good start. Baby Harper Seven, unlike her older brothers, has not yet set foot on the family business trail, but already now she is actively interested in her mother's work - she is always at the forefront of the world brands shows next to Anna Wintour.