Start a bright diary. Three spring months fly by unnoticed, but you have to make it in time as much. And you can not postpone for a long time, because the next spring will be only in a year. Perhaps your child will see something or try for the first time and you should not miss this event, so take the most beautiful daily and plan the spring miracles together. Get into the "sea" adventure. If the snow has melted long ago, and you have not sent your paper boat to the first round-the-world trip, it does not matter, rivers, lakes and rivers are perfect for this. Render the whole family of the boat, sailboats, boats, sign and boldly launch. All on nature! The most beautiful sky in the spring. It seems to come to life with the first warm rays of the sun. Be sure to catch this moment. Organize a picnic in the park, and after joint games, lie down on a blanket and immerse yourself in the beauty of the sky, "dance" with the clouds, fantasize, looking at them: here the dragon spread his wings and flies, but the hare lurks behind the bush, and here " I". If you guessed to bring paint, pencils and a sheet of paper with you, then by transferring the heavenly pictures to it, you will get a masterpiece landscape 100%.Photo: Getty ImagesSave a solar bombardment. Now is the time to start making friends with the sun, it is gentle and still warms, not burning, so it's time to play sunburn. Take a mirror and shoot the rays on zdorov.Spleti beautiful wreath. May is the time of the first flowers. Collect dandelions and weave beautiful wreaths to each other, that's how our ancestors met the arrival of spring. Color the asphalt into the color of mood. Be sure to buy with the child many, many colorful chalks - they just adore their children! Draw everything that comes to mind: cityscapes, mom, friends. Photograph the received masterpieces for memory and put them on the album.

And this is the most important thing

Organize a home garden. The most magical thing that happens in the spring is the birth of a new life, when buds appear on bare branches, and leaves and flowers are blossomed from them. And immediately all around is transformed, wakes up, comes to life, begins to live. Spend a fascinating experiment with the child: find a broken twig, bring it home, put it in a vase - let the spring look in your dwelling! Do not dwell on this, break a garden or garden on the balcony, sow greens, salad, radish or flowers. It will be so beautiful when all this comes up. Launch a kite into the sky. What can be more fun than running in a race with a warm spring breeze, holding tightly in your hand a rope with a flying kite! Allow yourself to return to childhood, let May sing and you in the shower. Arrange the fun starts. And still it is possible to draw classics and to arrange with children from a court yard of competition or to master rollers, a skate, giroskuter. So nice, hand in hand, ride with your child in the beloved city.Photo: Getty Images

And something for a snack

Affairs that can be done with a child, and allfamily, there is darkness, there would be a desire and a fantasy. You can arrange: - a tournament for the biggest soap bubble, let them go swimming in puddles and a trip through the sky, - a battle from water pistols for a prize for the wetest shirt, - an amusing photo session that is possible only in spring conditions - the game "Find treasure "in the suburban area, provided that it can be found only by digging everything around - a day of hugs, kisses and compliments. Spring is capable of much, let's not fall behind!