Features of Russian games for boys

The child begins to be capricious, as soon as heit becomes boring. The task of parents, in advance to prepare different entertainments by age. In this game should be useful. It's not enough just to put the baby on the computer, you need to pick up the entertainment that is necessary for its development.games for boys 4 yearsGames for boys 4 years should befascinating and useful Photos: Getty In 4 years, you should focus on the development of fine motor skills, memory and attention. This is where games should be directed. An example of a game by age is the search for a toy. Here, parents should not go too far and hide the toy not too far, otherwise the boy will quickly get bored with searching. Use in your games a variety of equipment - improvised and purchased. Boys at this age adore coloring, plasticine, designers with large details. A computer or a tablet for development and entertainment can be used, but little by little. It is important to strictly control the child's games with gadgets. Check the developing game on the computer yourself before offering it to the kid. In games with boys of this age you can use music. For example, turn on the music and invite the child to dance, and after the music stops, you will need to stand still in some pose. Do not require the child to have a long concentration on a particular game. In 4 years he can play one game for no more than 10 minutes in a row, so be patient and a great choice of entertainment.

Educational games

Games from this category can be divided into 2 large groups: for the development of logic and for the development of memory. Here are some interesting games from the first category:

  • The cook. Bring into the room all empty pans. Separately from them, lay the lid. The child needs to pick up a lid to each saucepan. To do this, he will have to analyze the shape and size of each object.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Tie the baby's eyes and ask him to guess the familiar fruits and vegetables.
  • Leaf fall. Collect the leaves of all the trees with a recognizable shape - maple, oak, birch, etc. Circle them on paper and ask the baby to determine which contour belongs to which sheet. Apply leaves to paper can not!
  • Third wheel. Prepare cards with different items. Give the baby 3 cards and ask to remove the excess. They can be drawn, for example, a cup, a plate and a cat.

Games for memory development will well prepare the kidto school, because there he will have to memorize large amounts of information. One of the games for memory is the "Store". Write a list of "goods" for the child and send it to the virtual store. Each time, make the list more and more. The store in this case is your apartment. Write something like "towel, fork, cubes" in the list. Let the child find these items and bring them. children'sChildren's games should be interesting and usefulPhoto: Getty Another game from this category is an "artist". Draw a simple drawing on paper, ask the child to remember it and hide this sheet. Now the kid has to draw the same pattern from memory. Also, you can invite him to remember the location of things in the room, and when he comes out, something to rearrange. After that, the boy will need to determine what has changed.

Finger Games at Home

These games improve fine motor skills. A great helper in such entertainments is plasticine, but it's boring to just sculpt figurines out of it. Invite the child to blind the kingdom and then add it to the new character every day. Together, invent the characteristics of the new hero. This will develop not only the hands, but also the fantasy of crumbs.RussianPopular Russian entertainment - modeling ofplasticine Photo: Getty Puzzle is a fascinating puzzle game that involves collecting pictures from the details. In 4 years, you need to choose puzzles with a small number of parts and with large elements. Give preference to pictures that correspond to the interests of the baby - typewriters, little animals, airplanes, etc. Drawing is another useful entertainment that should be paid attention every day. To begin with, you need to teach your child to hold a pencil correctly. Do not regret this time, as retrain the wrong capture then it will be very difficult. You can draw pictures from scratch or paint colorings. You can use pencils, markers, markers, different types of paints. Especially popular now are finger paints, which do not need brushes. They improve fine motor skills and are popular with children.

Children's voice games

Here are 3 games that will help improve the speech of the little boy:

  • Opposites. Ask the child to select antonyms for simple words that you call, for example, good - evil, intelligent - stupid, etc.
  • Sound trainer. Ask the child to play the sounds of different animals. Achieve the best possible reproduction.
  • The young detective. During the walk, ask the child to describe everything that he sees. Watch that he correctly composed his speech, called things by their proper names. This is one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary.

Such games will perfectly prepare the baby fortesting before the first class. Despite the fact that these games are aimed at boys of four years old, be guided, above all, by your child. Some children outstrip development, others slightly lag behind, so the described games can be of interest to kids in both 3 and 5 years.