Why a child is afraid of the dark

All people have fears, they save them from threatsthe world around us. But the fear of the dark - a phenomenon that does not benefit, because it does not protect the child from real danger. In 80% of cases, parents, television and other children provoke fear of gloom in children. In the remaining 20%, it appears due to too developed fantasy and at the same time sensitive nature.the child is afraid of the darkA child may begin to be afraid of the dark from 3 years oldPhoto: GettyWhat can provoke fear of the dark:

  • intimidating parents that a monster will take the child away if he misbehaves;
  • scary stories of other children;
  • programs and movies on TV;
  • other people that the baby saw on the street;
  • family conflicts;
  • stressful situations.

When the light is turned off in the bedroom, scary images begin to appear in the child's head. He does not see what is happening around him, he listens, and every rustle causes unpleasant associations.

What if the child began to fear the dark

The child’s fear must be fought, otherwisegrow into a big psychological problem. It is important for parents to find out what exactly the baby is afraid of - loneliness, suspense, monsters or other antiheroes. Then it will be easier for them to help the child. How to overcome fear:

  • do not ignore and make fun of the problem;
  • find out what exactly the child is afraid of;
  • visualize fear, draw it on a sheet and burn, hide, tear along with the baby;
  • explain that nobody is in the dark, there are no monsters, no one can get into the house;
  • give the child a protector a soft toy, saying that he will guard him;
  • together with him to examine the dark room, to make sure that there is no one terrible in it.

If nothing helps, you can leave inbaby's room night light with dim light. It is important not to turn it off all night, otherwise the baby may wake up and get scared. You can cope with the fear of the dark on your own, but if you don’t manage to do this before 10–11 years old, it’s best to contact a psychologist. The main thing is not to ignore the problem, in the hope that the child will outgrow it, but to support the child in every possible way and try new ways to fight. It is also useful to know: