What is inclusive education, its capabilities

The essence of inclusive education is that the conditions of the learning environment adapt to the needs of the child with HIA. Opportunities for inclusive education allow you to study in an ordinary schoolOpportunities for inclusive education allowto go to a regular school for children with HSE: Getty This is impossible without the support of the state at the legislative and material level. For children, an adapted program, a way of teaching, is selected, the child does not need special readiness to start the educational process, except for general social skills. The levels of inclusion of children in the educational process may be different, not all of them immediately sit down in general education classes. Some study in small groups or even individually, and interact with peers outside the organized educational process in extracurricular activities. There are classes of compensatory education, where children with health problems and general education classes are trained. From sick children are required according to their abilities. Some children need a tutor, assistant or parent during their studies. It helps the teacher not to be distracted during the lesson, and cares about the child. The inclusive environment is comfortable, soft - this is a big advantage, because the children with HIA are sensitive to the pressure and competition that exists in the classroom. Healthy children, students with special, become kinder, they help each other, understand the pain of others and other people's problems.

The problems of education for children with disabilities

In a prepared for inclusive educationeducational institution of the child should provide means of technical rehabilitation. For inclusive schools, state aid is important. In addition, there are certain requirements for teachers who will work with children. Under the law, children with HIA can study in general schools. Unfortunately, not all schools can provide inclusive education. There is no material and technical base, trained teachers. Inclusion provides a vision of individuality in each child, develops his abilities, gives hope for the future. Training with healthy peers helps the socialization of children with disabilities, in colleges with an inclusive education they can get a profession.