Oxygen cocktails for children: properties and rules of use

Such cocktails have the appearance of a thick foam and consist ofthree components: base, blowing agent and oxygen. The basis can serve as juices, sweet syrups, milk. Foam forms egg white. But if the child is allergic to chicken eggs, egg white can easily be replaced with licorice root syrup or gelatin. Oxygen is fed through a special device that stirs the beverage, turning it into a foam.oxygen cocktails for childrenOxygen cocktail for children has a consistency of foam. Photo: Getty Regular use of oxygen cocktails has the following effect:

  • from the body, slags and toxins are quickly removed;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • the work of the gastrointestinal tract is established;
  • the child feels a charge of vivacity.

This effect is explained by the importance of oxygen fororganism. It cleanses the blood, speeds up the metabolism, increases the body's resistance to various infections, improves the ability to concentrate. If the child does not spend enough time in the open air and suffers from a lack of oxygen, he will be troubled by headaches, lethargy, loss of energy. Sometimes even regular walks do not satisfy the need for oxygen, since the air in cities is heavily polluted because of the large number of cars and industrial plants. And then the baby will be helped by an oxygen cocktail. How does it work? Useful substances penetrate into the blood, sucked into it through the walls of the digestive system. To achieve a tangible effect, the drink should be taken regularly, by courses. If the child is allergic, it is necessary to clarify the detailed composition of the cocktail to make sure there is no allergy to all its components. Oxygen cocktail for children is given in doses. Portion for preschoolers should not exceed 150 ml, junior schoolchildren can be allowed to drink 20 ml. Babies up to 3 years are advised to refrain from drinking. Thanks to an interesting presentation in the form of thick foam and pleasant taste, children rarely refuse the cocktail, perceiving it as a treat. An important point - you need to use it right after cooking, only in this way you can get the maximum benefit. Read further: