Either chatter, or a tricky PR move: Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild accidentally blabbed that they will soon become parents again. In the family of the heirs of the richest business empires of the world, a daughter is growing up: Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild will turn eight on July 8th. It seems that the parents decided not to delay with the little brother or sister for the baby.1 / 2 Photo: @ nickyhilton Photo:@nickyhiltonThe secret was revealed at Princess Olympia's 21st birthday party. News instantly scattered among the guests, who began to look at the slender figure of Nicky: are there any obvious signs of pregnancy? "It was a costume party in the style of Marie Antoinette, Nicky was wearing a corset, so nothing could be understood," the insider told the publication. - Nicky and James wanted their children to have a small age difference. And they did it. ”The insider added that Nicky and James really want a boy. But if there is a girl again, they will not be upset. Now Nika is in her first trimester of pregnancy, and the baby will be born early next year.A photo: @ nickyhilton By the way, the sister of outrageous Paris has repeatedly said that being a mother for her is just a paradise. "I love! Wake up in the morning and see this little face - yes it's a paradise! "- she said. Let's remind, Nicky and James met in 2011 at the wedding of mutual friends. They met for four years before getting married. James officially asked for Nicky's hands from her parents: flew from England to the States to make an offer to her chosen one. The wedding was, of course, luxurious: a dress from Valentino for 80 thousand dollars, a ceremony in Kensington Palace, guests - completely cream of the society. And here, Paris is still behind the younger. She was just ripe before her marriage. But not for children.