Remember, there is such a terribly vulgar anecdote aboutLieutenant Rzhevsky: "Lieutenant, do you love children? I do not like children, but the process itself ... "It would seem that attempts to conceive should be a pleasure. But for some reason they do not bring it. Scientists have found out that on average couples have sex 78 times since they decide to have their offspring, before the appearance of a second strip in the pregnancy test. These 78 times take from future parents 158 days. That is, if to summarize, about half a year. The ChannelMum parents site conducted a survey of 1,149 parents and found that most couples made love about 13 times a month trying to get pregnant. Although it may seem that these are 13 cases of pleasure. But the couple tried so hard to conceive that moments of intimacy were completely ruined by anxiety and stress - but what if it does not work out? For 18% of men and women, such sex was a burden. Another 43% felt social pressure (the notorious watch that was ticking) and the fear that they would not get anything done again.How to Get Pregnant FastPhoto:GettyImages “While trying to get pregnant can be fun, it's also hard work, and not all couples will be able to get pregnant. So, even as you focus on the child, don't forget about each other, ”advises Zoban Frigard, founder of ChannelMum. Some believe that success in this endeavor depends on posture. The researchers found that missionary remains the most popular (used by 75% of all couples surveyed), although other findings suggest that pregnancy depends on a woman's menstrual cycle, with half of the women trying to have sex on ovulation days, and 39% improving their diet and take vitamins - and after nine months they become mothers.