Meet Diane Ringo, she is 39 years old, she is fromCalifornia. She is married to a naval officer, she once served in the Navy, she has two children - twin boys turned four years old. Like many other mothers, during pregnancy, Diana gained weight. Extra pounds were a lot - 35. And the waist was spread out to 74 centimeters. This fact disappointed Diana almost more than the weight gained. The woman began to lose weight, but there was no way to return to prenatal form: "There is nothing wrong with being full. But I was fat according to the male type: fat was deposited on the abdomen, waist, on the back. My figure has ceased to be feminine, and I did not like it, "Diana complained.Lose weight after childbirth without dietingDiana before the epic with weight loss ... Photo:Barcroft Media “When I first put on a corset, I felt incredibly sexy,” she shares her impressions. And for four years now, Diana has been wearing a corset 23 hours a day, taking it off only during exercise and in order to take a shower. Yes, you understood everything correctly, even sex is not a reason to part with a waist belt. Diana's wardrobe now has 45 corsets. She spent a total of 114 thousand rubles on them in our money. Diana looks a little strange now - broad shoulders, curvy hips and a waist of 45 centimeters. But the woman is very pleased with her hourglass silhouette. “Now I weigh about 55 kilograms. I just can't eat too much, the corset won't let me. True, I can't take a deep breath either, ”she said in an interview.Lose weight after childbirth without dietingLose weight after childbirth without dieting1 / 2 ... and after. Photo: Barcroft Media ... and after.Photo: Barcroft MediaDiana loves to wear tight-fitting outfits that emphasize her uniforms. She admits that she often sees condemning views, but she does not care too much: "I do not have the task of being an example for someone's children. My task is to take care of my sons. And they will grow up to be real men, I'm sure. After all, they have a wonderful father. "By the way, about the father of the guys. With him, Diana had to negotiate. He made her go to the doctor to tell him if it was harmful for a woman to walk around in the corset around the clock. The doctor allowed - with the proviso that it will not be pulled even harder. Diana agreed: "If it makes her happy - let her. When my mother is happy with children, and my wife is happy, everything is better for everyone ", says Brett, the husband of a woman with an aspen waist.