Photo: personal photo archive How old are your children? What are they addicted to? What are their favorite activities?Vladislav CheburashkinWe have two boys: four and seven years old. They are great friends, play well together, often argue, are jealous of each other to their parents, but they never fight. The younger is terribly fond of cars and everything that goes (like Dad). She adores the runaway and drives on it without hands, for which we curse. The bike does not recognize, because on the runovel can rush faster. The elder craftsman, likes to draw. We tell each other stories and we compose stories before we go to bed. He easily and healthy finds friends in any company. Do they like dairy products? What is their favorite?Vladislav CheburashkinYounger immediately fell in love with yogurt. Directly loved his food so far. Very legible, cheat and slip the wrong yogurt. The elder prefers milk and ice cream. Milk is also very legible. The bad will immediately feel and will not drink.Photo: personal photo archive What is the use of dairy products in the diet of children, in your opinion?Vladislav Cheburashkin- Dairy products are generally a unique partdiet. Humanity has been using dairy products for thousands of years in all cultures and on all continents. The benefits are undeniable, and the variations of dairy and sour-milk products, cheeses and desserts are simply unimaginable. Vitamins, calcium, useful proteins and fats (and they are useful), vitamins ... The milk contains everything you need for children, but it is important that the products are natural and properly cooked. Excess sugar, dyes and flavors are undesirable in products for children. How to make the right choice when buying dairy products, what to look for?Vladislav CheburashkinIt is necessary to study the composition indicated onlabel. Pay attention to the shelf life: less than five days or, conversely, more than three weeks - it's no good! Try the milk product (or milk) for taste. If there is bitterness, foreign aftertaste, foreign odor, mealiness, be careful. For me, the most important sign of the quality of a dairy product is not taste, but a aftertaste. It is a pleasant, clean aftertaste and will have a quality product.Photo: personal photoarchive Why is there much more dairy products in our country than in Europe?Vladislav CheburashkinEurope is different. In Poland or Hungary, there are no less varieties of dairy products than we have. But yogurt, for example, is our product. Kefir fungi appeared in the Caucasus. European countries with more conservative tastes and limited assortment, probably, "ordered" their tastes in the process of industrialization and economic development. Plus, the producers are enlarged and, for economic reasons, try to satisfy the tastes of the majority without working with niches. Well, advertising over the decades has imparted certain tastes to the urban population, which there is the majority. A cow or goat's milk? What will you choose?Vladislav CheburashkinWe work only with cow's milk. I think goat milk is less traditional for our consumer. But, of course, there is demand and profit in it.Photo: personal photo archive Thermostatic products or regular ones? What's better?Vladislav CheburashkinBoth products can be natural, andtherefore, worthy and to taste, and for use. Thermostat products require more careful preparation, when the squashing occurs in the already closed packaging in a special thermal chamber. Thus, thick yogurts or sour cream are obtained. For thermostatic products, a thick consistency is characteristic, a smooth, rather than a splashed surface, a thick clot. Even in a 10% thermostatic sour cream, the spoon will stand. Tank method, when the products are first fermented in a container, and then mixed and packaged, the consistency is more fluid. What are your favorite recipes from dairy products for you and your children?Vladislav CheburashkinWe love sour cream in salads, Greek yogurt onbreakfast. My wife makes excellent cheese cakes from cottage cheese and sour cream. For children and myself I make ice cream from natural ingredients: 2 cups thick cream, a glass of milk, 5 yolks, natural vanilla in pods or essence, half a cup of sugar. Sometimes, as the ice cream thickens, I add grated black chocolate. But it's important not to overdo it. Once I was preying that the ice cream showed inclusions of oil (cream creamed to oil).Photo: personal photo archive Would there be an idea of ​​creating a dairy farm if children did not like dairy products? Are these things related?Vladislav CheburashkinWe began to rebuild and build the farms beforebirth of children. But the idea that you need to make excellent milk and natural products is closely related to understanding the importance of health. And health for us is a family topic. After all, we live for children, and we need to take care of them and ourselves. Useful, little-processed products find it getting harder. I understand that the connection may not be very obvious, but for us it is obvious. My children are very fond of coming to the farm, happily wandering around the plant that we built next. It's nice for me, and they are proud of what we do. The elder is already saying that he will work with me. Are (or already have) excursions to the dairy farm planned?Vladislav CheburashkinWhile we are only thinking about it, because the plant -after all, a secure enterprise, where it should be very clean. There are restrictions on visits to many workshops, and rightly so. But it is important for teenagers to be told how natural products are made and to have them try, talk about doing business, so that they have the right idea of ​​entrepreneurship. Most likely, we will try to conduct several educational tours to the farm with tasting, we will show our quality laboratories, but we will not drive to the workshops. Read also: