How to teach a child to divide a column correctly

To study the division, children begin in grade 3. By this point, they must fully understand the addition and subtraction, and study the multiplication table. Without this knowledge, it will not be possible to understand the to teach a child how to divide a columnBefore you teach a child to share a column,learn with it the multiplication table. Photo: Getty To begin with, explain to the kid the principle of division. To make it easier on a clear example. Ask him to share equally sweets between toys or family members. And gradually complicate the tasks. The main thing is to inform the child that the division is an operation opposite to multiplication. And he needs to learn how to use the table "on the contrary." And for this she will have to learn "by heart." The child must distinguish between "dividend" and "divider" and "private". Therefore, explain to your child what these concepts mean and show them by example. Develop in the child a love for mathematics, because kids are easier to perceive information that is interesting to them. Therefore, apply the knowledge gained in homework, everyday activities and games. The main thing is to practice with a smile, then classes will become a heavy duty.

We divide numbers: an illustrative example

For example, start with a three-digit number 315 and divide it into 5. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Write down the numbers and divide them by the "corner".
  • The numbers are divided from left to right, so first try dividing 3 by 5.
  • Since the three can not be divided into 5 without a remainder, then we take down the next digit to it and divide it already 31.
  • Using the selection method, we calculate the factor - 6.
  • We record this figure under the "corner", and 30 under 31.
  • Now subtract from the 31 digits 30. As a result, we get one.
  • It is not divisible by 5, so let's take the remaining five to one.
  • We divide 15 by 5 and get a triple. It is recorded at the corner after the six.
  • The result of the division is 63. We write down the number in response.
  • To consolidate knowledge, ask the child 5-6examples. In this case, ask them to decide for yourself. If the kid does it all, then complicate his task and ask for examples with four and five-digit numbers. In the future, go to the tasks in which the divisor is two-valued. Teach a child to divide into a column is not too difficult. The main thing is to show patience and explain to the kid the basics of mathematics. Then he will master science and homework will not be a problem for him.