Laxatives for babies: how to chooseHow to choose the laxatives for babies? Photo: Getty

Laxatives for babies: when to use?

If your baby is constantly crying and suffering frompain in the abdomen, be sure to visit the pediatrician. He will conduct an examination and make an accurate diagnosis. The causes of constipation in infants may be several, they include:

  • incorrectly selected food (with artificial feeding);
  • immature digestive system;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases.

To determine what exactly disturbs babies,pay attention to his behavior. If the baby is crying loudly, pressing the legs to the tummy, long does not go to the toilet, most likely, he has constipation. Hard stools can cause pain during defecation, so the problem must be eliminated medically, without waiting for it to disappear on its own.

What laxatives can babies?

It is not recommended to treat it yourselfNewborn from constipation with the help of strong medicines. Such funds can be prescribed only by a doctor. However, a young mother can try to normalize a child's chair with a properly selected diet.

  • when breastfeeding is not needed, ifmy mother will strictly adhere to the appropriate diet. Eat more boiled beets, apricots, peaches, prunes and other food, which in its composition contains a lot of fiber. But flour, sweet foods, rice and strong tea from the diet is better to exclude.
  • Laxative for babies with artificialfeeding is sold in every pharmacy, but you need to choose it with extreme caution. Such medications are prescribed by a pediatrician. Be sure to follow his recommendations exactly and follow the correct dosage.
  • Normalize the stool kid will help laxativetea for babies. This product based on natural ingredients will not cause any harm to the child, it acts as gently as possible, but effectively. Even if the newborn looks completely healthy, you can from time to time give him a drink for prevention. The composition of herbal tea, as a rule, includes chamomile, fennel, thyme and other herbs.

Laxative products for babies are compulsoryshould consist of natural and safe ingredients that do not harm the baby's health. Most often with constipation, pediatricians recommend using special glycerin suppositories. Special syrups are highly effective. However, always remember that such medicines can be given to a child only as prescribed by a doctor. It is important not only to save the baby from constipation, but also to eliminate the cause of his appearance. Read further: