Psychologists consider adolescence to be the mosta difficult period in the life of the child. How many films have already been shot on this topic, how many books are written: "The Catcher in the Rye", "Kill the Mockingbird", "The Lord of the Flies" ... Kara Delevin - supermodel and actress, movie star "The Suicide Squad" "Paper cities" and "Valerian and the city of thousands of planets."Kara Delevin wrote the book "Mirror, Mirror"A photo: Getty Images Writers' talent has awakened to beauty, and she released her debut book entitled "Mirror, Mirror," co-authored by Rowan Coleman, author of the world best-selling "Random Mom" ​​and "Letter from the Past." "The Mirror, Mirror" is the story of growing up , the dangers and challenges faced by adolescents. The main characters Red, Rose, Leo and Naomi are playing in a school rock band, share their dreams and secrets with each other and spend all their free time together. They are on 16, the future is hazy, and it seems the whole world is against them. Once Naomi is found in the river without consciousness and with severe injuries. Who attacked the girl, it is not known. While their friend is in the hospital, the guys are trying to understand what happened to her. Red-haired Red, an outsider and introvert, takes on the role of a detective and begins his own investigation. And the more a girl sinks into the secrets of her friends, the more her worries about their behavior. For example, what does the beauty of Rose hide? Or what kind of trouble came the desperate Leo? And how does all this relate to what happened to Naomi?Kara Delevin wrote the book "Mirror, Mirror"Photo:Getty Images “In Mirror, Mirror, I wanted to portray the tumultuous, hectic, twisting life of a teenager as realistically as possible and create characters that everyone would feel a kinship with,” said Cara Delevingne. - I wanted to write a book about the power of friendship and voice one simple truth in it: when we surround ourselves with people we love and trust, we become stronger. The main point that Cara Delevingne is trying to convey to the reader: there is nothing wrong with not understanding who you are. There is nothing wrong with being different from your peers, because whatever you are, you are already flawless. “The main thing is to understand what brings you happiness in this life, and obey your heart,” the supermodel is sure. - Then everything will be the way. Whatever happens, be yourself. Find your strengths and realize that you can change the world. Kara hopes her book will motivate young readers to move towards their dreams and help them never lose hope.