- After graduation from school to the age of twentylittle my life was a great time, full of freedom and all sorts of experiments. And with you was it not so? Then I had children. But I did not become another person. And my old life did not go anywhere. Yes, I have new duties. But why does someone think that I should immediately become a respectable, respectable member of society, and even someone (children) to teach this? I faced a dilemma: I was torn between the desire to live as before and the need to raise from my children " right "people. I was at the crossroads: I could get either a fucking mom or an ideal mother. As a result, I did not choose any of these options. I chose the third: I'm always close to my children, but I do not live for them.Photo:Getty Images My kids see that I might cry when I made a mistake, but they also see me lift my head and continue to look at life with optimism. They see me dancing and laughing with my friends, and they see me with the same friends holding their hand in a moment of sadness. They have heard from me a hundred times: "Unfortunately, we cannot afford it" and at the same time they saw how I give the last 100 rubles to someone who needs it. They saw how I manage to perfectly combine work, sports, housekeeping and at the same time how often I give up what I started. Maybe I should have shown less of my weaknesses hand playing the role of the ideal mother? Years later, I don't think so. When the children are old enough to go on an independent voyage, my life will continue. And when my role as a supermom becomes unnecessary, I will have friends, environment, my hobbies, my lifestyle. In my life, everything can happen - both good and not so, she is striped, but she is definitely not fixated on children, even if this is sounds selfish. I make mistakes with them, I celebrate successes and joys with them, I show them that people can have weaknesses, and that's okay. But the most important thing is that life is given so that we live it not for the sake of someone or instead of someone, but for ourselves.