Causes of constipation during pregnancy

During pregnancy in the body of a womanProgesterone hormone is produced. It relaxes the muscle tissue throughout the body, so the peristalsis of the bowel slows down. In late pregnancy, the enlarged uterus squeezes the intestines, violating the blood circulation in clean the intestines during pregnancyWhen constipation during pregnancy is requiredcleanse the intestines. Photo: Getty. Variable women often lead a sedentary lifestyle. And low physical activity can cause constipation. Pregnancy is also associated with a decrease in immunity and the death of its own microflora. Dysbacteriosis prevents the splitting of food. The stomach is fermented. To prevent stagnant food, it is important to know how to cleanse the intestines during pregnancy correctly.

What to do with constipation during pregnancy?

A woman waiting for a child, many medicinaldrugs are contraindicated. They have a negative effect on the fetus. Constipation with constipation is also undesirable, since this can lead to miscarriage. The main method of controlling constipation during pregnancy is the normalization of nutrition. It is necessary to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. The amount of vegetables in the diet should be 40% of the food eaten, that is at least 250 g per day. Fruits - 20% of the daily diet, or 100 gr. In food, you need to include beets, dried apricots, prunes, apples and carrots. A woman should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Take food 6 times a day. Supper is necessary for 4 hours before a dream. It is necessary to limit consumption of sugar and flour products, to avoid fat and fried food. To normalize the intestinal microflora in the diet must necessarily include sour-milk products. The cleansing enema irritates the intestinal wall and can lead to the termination of pregnancy. It is used only for the doctor's prescription. It is possible to awaken the organism in the morning from sleep, drinking half a glass of cool water for half an hour before breakfast. An hour after eating, a walk in the fresh air is recommended. The movement stimulates the processes of passage and digestion of food. The problem is how to clean the intestines during pregnancy, to be solved. You need to develop a diet for yourself and under the supervision of a doctor to conduct a course of treatment with probiotics.