baby on the planeA photo: Thinkstock / GettyimagesJulia Minchin, the founder of the online store for baby and toddler products, asked more than 600 parents to determine their biggest worries about traveling with young children. 32% of respondents answered that they do not even allow thought about such trips. The fourth part of all traveling parents answered that it was a sad experience. Many admitted that they are afraid of how the child will perceive the restriction in the form of a safety belt. How to make traveling on the plane comfortable and safe for you and your baby?

1. Think carefully about the schedule

This is a very correct idea - to plana journey that takes into account your child's day schedule. Kristen Harding, a childcare specialist, claims that this is the key to a comfortable flight. You know your child like no other. During the day, he has periods of activity, and there are moments of rest. If you plan a flight for a time when the kid does not like playing much, or even better - for his daytime sleep, then several hours spent on the plane can go quite smoothly and without unnecessary incidents. baby on the planePhoto: Thinkstock / Gettyimages

2. Correctly pack things

All of us had to face the challenge: how to fit in the suitcases all the things that we consider necessary. With children's things everything is the same. Decide in advance what things you need to put in your luggage, and which ones - to leave as hand luggage. On the road you can not do without diapers, bottles of food (only plastic), wet napkins. Mammies are also allowed to take a cradle to the plane, which must be booked at the airline at least a day before departure. There are no such lyceums on board. Many parents consider airline requirements for hand luggage to be too strict and complex. For example, many problems arise with baby carriages. Some airlines allow you to take a stroller to the ladder, some do not. Depending on the conditions, you hand it over either to the flight attendants at the entrance to the plane, or immediately to the luggage. Be sure to clarify all the nuances about surrender and getting the stroller in advance, especially if you fly by transit on the planePhoto: Thinkstock / Gettyimages

3. Stock up with sweets and marmalade

Problems with stuffy ears during take-off andthe planting occurs because the pressure in the cabin changes rapidly and a difference in the pressures of the environment and in the human body is formed. The adults are constantly experiencing discomfort due to pressure in the ears during take-off and landing, not to mention the kids. If your child is still eating from the bottle or is breastfeeding, this is the best time to feed him. Dr. Margot Sunderland, director of the Department of Education and Training at the Children's Mental Health Center, author of the bestseller Science of Parenthood, advises in an airplane to start a child a game of yawning; because the process of yawning is considered "infectious" and the baby will repeat for you. This will help him cope with the stuffiness of the ears. Useful actions that will help cope with discomfort in the ears include swallowing, sucking and yawning. Make sure that you have brought with you enough of sweets or chewing marmalade.

4. Use distraction tactics

Adults hate boredom, but children are much moreworse. If they are bored, it causes a high level of stress hormones in the brain and body, causing them to cry or get angry. This behavior leads to hyperexcitability. Remember about the power of games and toys. Take into account the time you spend on the plane, and the time during which the child will play. Keep ready bag with surprises, where should be like your favorite old toys, and a few new ones. Give them to the child not immediately, but gradually, one after another, as weakening interest. Bring a few finger puppets with them and entertain them with the baby at the first sign of irritation or excitement. Such devices for playing cause the growth of opioids and oxytocin in the brain (these are natural soothing and anti-aggressive chemicals). For small children it is good to bring coloring or touch toys with them so that they do not have the desire to get up from their seats and jump over the cabin of the on the planePhoto: Thinkstock / Gettyimages

5. Stay calm

Easier said than done, of course, but it is veryimportant. It takes milliseconds for babies and children to respond to their parents' emotional state by catching their facial expressions or tone of voice. So pull yourself together and stay calm no matter what happens. Children feed on our emotions, so if you are nervous, they will be nervous too. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the journey. If you feel that you are about to explode, walk around the cabin, rinse your face with cool water in the toilet. You will see how in a matter of minutes the mood will change degrees. Of course, it is very difficult to remain calm and collected in the face of the growing hysteria at an altitude of 9000 meters, but the excitement has not helped anyone yet. It is not forbidden to ask for help from the crew of the plane, because they are used to face similar difficulties every day and probably have a few tricky tricks. When planning a trip, remember that unpredictable situations are always possible - weather, flight or baggage delays. But also do not forget that all the unpleasant moments will end sooner or later, and you will be able to fully enjoy the trip. Bon voyage! Also interesting: Are you afraid to fly with your child on a plane?

  • The first time was scary. Uncertainty frightens ...
  • Why be afraid? The main thing is to prepare!
  • How much I fly, so much I'm afraid. You never know how the kid behaves.
  • I'm clinically afraid of planes. To me with this phobia for the beginning to consult ...

Voted: 59And are you afraid to fly with a child on an airplane?

  • The first time was scary. Uncertainty frightens ... 33.9%
  • Why be afraid? The main thing to prepare for is 39.0%
  • How much I fly, so much I'm afraid. You never know how the kid behaves. 11.9%
  • I'm clinically afraid of planes. To me with this phobia for the beginning to consult ... 15,3%

Voted: 59