A new shift. Too lucky, guysinherited from their fathers not only the name and condition, but also a memorable appearance. So now, saying with aspiration: "Oh, what a look this Eastwood / Brosnan has!", Specify which of them ...

Patrick Schwarzenegger

A photo: Getty ImagesGreen Arnie, seven-time holder of the title "Mr. Olympia", from childhood drove his son to the gym. And - thanks to him! - Now on the press of Patrick you can play chess. His mother, Maria Shriver, television presenter and niece of the former US president, struggled all her life to be perceived not only as one of the Kennedy clan. That's why I taught my son: "You have your own way." As a result, Patrick founded a clothing company in school and started working as a model. Then the guy was drawn to the cinema. He received roles in the drama "Stuck in Love" and the comedy "Classmates-2", starred in the video of singer Ariana Grande. This year should go immediately three films with the participation of Schwarzenegger, Jr.. According to rumors, the novice actor was going to quit his studies at the university and devote himself to film career. "Terminator" is not enthusiastic about the idea, but that he can object: he himself graduated only in 32 years. Moreover, he tries not to inflame the situation once again. After it became clear that the former governor of California has an illegitimate son from a nanny, the family did not communicate with him for several months, and Patrick even changed his father's name to "Mom" in "Twitter." Patrick, 22, left the outrageous singer Miley Cyrus, but holy place was empty for long. Last months Patrick now and then appears in public with a charming blonde model.

Scott Eastwood

Photo:Getty Images For years he didn't even know whose son he was. There was a dash in the “Father” column in the birth certificate, the mother explained that this scoundrel refused to recognize Scott and his sister Catherine. The truth was revealed when the boy was in school. It turned out that the star of Westerns Clint Eastwood was married at that time, besides, he was just elected mayor of a small town in California, and the news about an affair with a flight attendant was not at all into his hands. And then the star's political career came to naught, and Scott's resemblance to the famous "Dirty Harry" was already stupid to deny, so Eastwood Sr. began to communicate with the guy more and more often. At first, he was thrown from one extreme to another. He worked as a builder and car wash, was going to go to the special squad "Navy SEALs", starred as a model, received a higher education in the field of communications. But the more time he spent with his father, the more he became interested in Hollywood. In order not to become a hostage to someone else's popularity, he came to audition under the name of his mother - Reeves. And only after Clint recognized him as his son and entrusted small roles in his films - "Gran Torino", "Unconquered", Scott officially became Eastwood. The directors appreciated both the talent and the steely gaze - just like his father's, and began to invite them to the main roles in the films Entrance to Nowhere, The Ideal Wave, and The Long Road. In the summer, 30-year-old Scott starred as Lieutenant Edwards in Suicide Squad, and in September the biographical thriller Snowden, where he played an NSA agent, will be released. Eastwood does not like to talk about his personal life, and only recently it became clear why. Several years ago, his girlfriend died in a car accident. The guy was so badly worried about his grief that he could not even find the strength to come to the funeral. Since then, he has had several fleeting romances, but, as he himself admits, nothing serious.

Dylan Brosnan

Photo:Getty Images "Agent 007" has four sons, but for many years in a row, fans have paid attention to only one of them - Sean. In his youth, he was engaged in boxing, then due to injury he switched to filming. Now 32-year-old Brosnan is focused on directing and family - not so long ago he got married and tries not to shine in public. All in all, a cut-off slice for the female fans, whether it's his half-brother, 19-year-old Dylan. Over the past couple of years, from a chubby teenager, he turned into a young virgin's dream: quivering, mysterious, almost Dorian Gray. He dreamed of a serious career - he studied at the university for fives, trained in Washington with a senator, dealt with environmental problems, like his mother, a journalist. But one day on the beach in Malibu, he was noticed by the chief designer of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. And he invited me to participate in the show of the new collection. Who refuses this? So Dylan didn't. But just in case, I entered the university at the film faculty. He now plays in a musical group, remains interested in politics and participates in Paris Fashion Weeks. The heart of "macaroni", as his friends jokingly call him, is busy: for several years now he has been dating a girlfriend from college.

Jesse Johnson

A photo: Getty Images It's hard to tell from whom Jessie got a pretty face - from mother or father. Patty d'Arbanville, an actress and fashion model, turned her head in a youth to more than one Hollywood beauty. And Don Johnson, a cop from the Miami Police, in the late 80's in general was one of the most coveted and popular actors in the world. In general, what's there, lucky guy. Agents of fashion houses lined up to get to the shows green-eyed Kazanov with a charming smile. But he did not hurry. First he worked with his father in the series "Detective Nash Bridges", then admitted that he still does not feel confident enough in front of the camera. He graduated from the theater school and took up independent films, starred in the film National Geographic as a killer of President Lincoln. Critics, incidentally, took the project to cheer, so that 33-year-old Jesse is still likely to compete with his father for the title of most-most. Moreover, ahead of him - shooting in the continuation of the cult series "Twin Peaks".

Presley Gerber

Photo:Getty Images They say that this child once spoiled a lot of Victoria Beckham's blood. The tabloids now and then called him number 1 on the list of the most beautiful children of celebrities, and she, of course, was offended for her boys. But what can you do! Supermodel Cindy Crawford and former fashion model and restaurant owner Randy Gerber really turned out to be a miracle baby doll: green-eyed, blond and with a mole on his cheek. He used to pose in diapers. Presley was not even a year old when photographs with him graced Cindy's book about childbirth and parenting. By the age of 10, he appeared on the covers almost more often than his celebrity parents. And one day, tired of the headlines "Son Crawford is beautiful as a girl," he just went and cut his curls. According to his mother, Presley, unlike his sister Kaya, does not like attention, therefore rejects most of the proposals for filming. But he does not let go of the camera and is fond of sports - he plays for the water polo team and stands perfectly on the surfboard. Until recently, nothing was known about the personal life of 16-year-old Gerber: on Instagram he posted only pictures with his sister and friends. The spiteful critics even began to hint at the guy's excessive femininity ... But recently he wiped everyone's nose by posting a photo with his beautiful girlfriend. It turned out that he had been dating Lily, his sister's friend, for about a year, during which time they even managed to relax in the Bahamas with his family.